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   celebrating over 30 years

Please note: not all links are updated. I am currently in the process of adding products. Thanks for your patience. <3 12/30/20

We are history, mystery & majik.

It's the breath and the blood and the fire within you. It's memories, creativity and heart.
Connection, education, understanding and perseverence is at the root of what Ravynmoon is.
We provide food for thought, imaginative and compassionate products and
an organic approach to assist you in integrating enchantment into your life.

Coven owned and operated.

Our first priority is, and always has been, as a witchcraft information website.

We offer many resources, such as information for new witches, a book of shadows, witchcraft classes and podcasts in the Veshigi tradition,
as well as majikal items and papercrafts available both for free as well as to purchase, and materials for secular educators to help supplement their curriculums.

We offer a selection of unique handmade goods that are environmentally sensitive,
locally sourced and passionately created by our in-house artisans with a traceable product lineage, as well as an online shop for our designs on printed items, such as t-shirts and stationary.
Ravynmoon is real witches creating playful and inspiring designs and powerful metaphysical brands.
Many items we have for sale appear on both the Gothic Graffiti shoppe, as well as here on this website.

We offer a seasonal majizine called Ravynmoon's HEX, how-to videos and discussions, paranormal information and podcasts, an online Book of Shadows, herbarium, moon calendars
and a monthly newsletter as well as genealogy information, graveyard documentations and resources for those who are facing end of life transitions
and their loved ones.

Kindly browse everything that we are by clicking the various topics links at the top of this page, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Over 36 years. Wow. For almost four whole decades, Ravynmoon has been in existence. For over 20 of those, we've been online.
Here's to many more to come...for you...for us.
Thank you for your continued interest in and support of the Ravynmoon Community

~Enchant your world~

Our Origin
1984 to present

Hexenritt: The Witches Ride: The Official Ravynmoon Newsletter & Book of Shadows
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