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June 2020
Summer Solstice
Perception Matters & Mass Effect
A Word About Theft
Hexes & Muzes
Be here...Now
NOT an Insurrection
May 2020
The Power in the Posion
Clothes Pins, Stretch Test
Right Brain, Left Brain
Happy Fae Moon
Cheese & the Little Deaths
April 2020
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March 2020
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June 20, 2020
Summer Solstice
Happy Summer Solstice!
...and Happy Father's day a day early, just in case I get too busy with family stuff. :)

Tomorrow is the day our divination game MUZE drops! We've been creating this for over a year, and it has been an amazing journey, for sure!
I'm also taking HEX to another level as well, by beginning podcasts at some point in the next week or so. I'm doing all of this by hand and for the most part, by myself, folks,
so be kind. :)
Other than my usual volunteer stuff with the Library of Congress, THIS is where my transcription skills will be tested further
because I'm going to try to transcribe my podcasts by hand. As my mom woujld say "you're a glutton for punishment." LOL!
In this instance, she *might* be right, but we'll see. I'm also writing the rss by hand, but I write everything on this website by hand, so why the hell not.
Always a scholar am I, so always an adventure.

I started putting the intro to the HEX video at the beginning of them, but...eh...it needs a little tweeking.
As it stands, I think it's too small, and for some reason, Miz's name popped up in the middle of the video...which is weird.
But yeah, Directed by Mizdimma DeSade TWICE, just in case you didn't catch it the first time. LOL.

The music is from our band Project Archangel. The song is "Mindkiller". I like it.

Today is much preparation for the upcoming week. Lots of stuff to do, lots of things to prepare, and Autumn is just around the corner, so stay tuned!

June 19, 2020
Perception Matters & Mass Effect

Everyone freaks out when Mercury goes retrograde. Granted, energetically, things do seem to slow down, however, how much would the retrograde trouble you if so many
people weren't cramming it into your brain that it was a *bad* thing?
The last thing society wants to hear is "slow down", which is really weird to me considering so many people durig a regular work week just want a break. Hell, even
when there's a damned good reason -coughcoughpandemiccoughcough- they still complain.
I'm not sure if it's just that most people are just accustomed to complaining or not. In my opinion, it just boils down to p e r c e p t i o n.

Once you get past the whole bandwagoning thing ie: "this sucks", you get to the "I don't want to be told what to do" thing.
Granted. Nobody want to be told what to do, but here's the thing, even when it seems like people are telling you what to do, it's up to you to do it or not.
It's up to you to think it, or not.
...and a LOT of people want you to think what they want you to because it makes it easier for them to get what they want.

Mercury retrograde is a good example of what happens when you start paying attention. Where you place your attention and fear is what you notice more of.
I'm not saying it isn't there. I'm not saying that certain things aren't influential. I'm saying that a hell of a lot of energy and emotion is put into the things that
drive you, and if Mercury retrograde is causing apprehension, then it's most likely because of all of the hype surrounding the "oh no!".

The planet doesn't do anything odd when it goes into retrograde. It doesn't change flow, or magnetism. It doesn't do anything physical. Our perception of it moving
backwards does do something, and if you were an ancient astronomer, or astrologer, or someone who believed very heavily on your appointed star guy, then yep...it
*would* affect you.
I think the reason is because
a) Belief is a powerful thing. & b) Mass effect.

People call "mass effect" by various different names. Some call it "mass hysteria", when a group of people believe the same thing and then start having similar experiences.
Mass hysteria doesn't affect everyone, but just a number of folks who think it or are within "radius".
The reason I'm mentioning radius is because there are quite a few stories and many of my own personal experiences where the belief that was saturated into an area, or a mindset,
actually caused reactions and experiences in those who hadn't believed in it otherwise.

Energy imprints the environment in which it is expressed. This is why a lot of paranormal investigators have similar findings in a place considered to be haunted or
what they believe is "demonic".
James Redfield in his book "The Celestine Prophecy" calls this effect "mass consciousness".
Yes. That.
When enough people truly believe something, or believe in something, even people who don't generally believe in "mass consciousness" or "mass effect" have experiences.
Thoughts are vibrations. Thoughts create reality.

Don't think so? Test yourself. Test your friends.

In a room with other people, just stop, look around and say to someone "do you smell that? something smells funny." They will immediately take to sniffing and will say either they
they do or they don't. Now say "It smells like lemons". They will start smelling lemons. Once they start smelling lemons, I b et 9 times out of 10, even though you
know there are no lemons, you will start smellling them too.

The more people there are, the stronger the scent gets. Any new person that comes into the room will most likely smell them too.

Why do you think the greatest tool people can use is the media? Why do so many people attempt to block certain things?
Because perception is key and thoughts change things. Of course a lot of people will side with the "winning" side, but it wouldn't be the "winning" side
without a whole lot of propaganda and trying to convince folks of whats what.

Here's another example. Don't go to social media or the news for one whole hour.
Find a quiet place in which to just...breathe. A nice park bench away from others, or under a tree, or in the bathtub. You choose.
Now, just relax. Clear your mind and relax your body. Just be in the moment. Close your eyes and smell the flowers around you, or feel the soft breeze or warm sun.
Once you are relaxed, then think about an issue that has troubled you, without the opinions of others. Really, really feel exactly how you feel about the subject.
Is it still troublesome? If so, how? Is it easier to feel or see the subject matter more clearly without the bombardment of other people? Without the mass amount of people
in your immediate bubble, is it easier to see or feel or think more clearly?

This is why folks say "why don't you sleep on it?" when asked for you to make a choice or decision. Because when they tell you to "sleep" on it, your mind takes it as part
of an agenda, so while you sleep, your mind is processing, so when you wake up, you have a better idea of how you feel about the thing in question.
If it disturbs you, it'll cause anxiety, which is a sure sign that you probably shouldn't do the *thing*.

I used to get bent about Mercury retrograde. I avoided it with wards, and upped protectives and you name it. Then one day, I just said "ok Mercury, let's do this. Show me
what I have to gain by slowing down."
Mercury didn't do shit. It didn't majikally or divinely inspire a damn thing. BUT I DID.
Because I changed my perception from something of fear, to something of "ok, how is this pause useful?", changed everything.

Do things still break down around the retrograde? Yep. They sure do. But things always do. We just blame the retrogrades when it happens. Mass effect also plays into this as
well because when you're around a whole bunch of people who are believing it, they affect the environment. This works when you are absorbing too much from the internet
or any other source. It really does "get into your head", like scary movies cause you to jump more.

Your mind matters. Perception matters. Just breathe.

June 16, 2020
A Word About Theft
Look, I try very hard to create a useful and welcome environment in my home.
By extention, this website is part of that home. It is a sacred place where I keep my pretties, my thoughts, my art and my ideas.
This is a place I invite folks to, make them a coffee, give them a recipe, suggest an interest or if I'm so honored, teach my ways or offer a trade.

I live, sleep, eat, laugh, cry, create and fuck here. It's mine.

I have a lot of ideas, good ideas, and sometimes, I like to try to make a few bucks off of those ideas to support myself and my loved ones.
Much of what I do post is done as a service. I have always made a lot of free content for folks to use personally. Those items are specified as "free" or complimentary.
Most other things are held by my agents and publisher. They have their own ways of protection as well.

I like words and I like art, and they seem to like me too; in other words, the things I create be they art or writings are from my own creative spirit. I am my own best inspiration.
I have been doing this kind of thing my entire life. I've been doing it actively since I was about 13 years old; on the internet, since 1992. I'm an old Prodigy "pagan-saux-wicca chat" haunter,
if you're old enough to remember all that mess. ;)

I, like most creative folks, don't steal other peoples work. Honorable folks don't go around taking what doesn't belong to them.
If I have found a quote or a source I enjoy, and it's expressly stated that I may use it, I will always state that source.I expect the same respect from my visitors as well.

When in doubt, don't. When you have a question, ask. It's that simple. My contact info is all over this website.

My ways are mine. A lot of folks may not agree with what I say, or write, or do, but they're mine. I decided to start teaching folks the inner workings of a lot of my personal majik
because I think it's a useful and much needed alternative to all of the "copy/paste" and "me too" plastic-formed and yawn inducing humdrum and monotonous junk that's been literally
clogging up our senses and the internet arteries for years.
My opinions are my own, same as my work. If you're attempting to snag my stuff, you feel the same way too, that it's different, useful, and valuable.
That-my sweet, gives it a monetary value of some kind, doesn't it?

I don't ask for a lot. If I have an item for sale, it's generally what I consider to be a fair price. I do a lot of charity, much of it isn't listed here, but some is.

Information has a value in and of itself. If it's a unique work, and someone takes it to try to use it to trade with another person for something they
find valuable, the value has been established. Attention is trade as well, that means if you take something that is mine, because you think it's insightful and meaningful
and you think it'll make you look more insightful and meaningful so you can acheive a click, or a sale, or a like, you've indicated it's value as a tradeable item.
If you use that information to try to increase sales of a product, that's commercial use and not only will I find you
(note the copyright protections and disclaimers all over this website), I will immediately request a cease and desist, and in certain cases, may demand financial restitution.

I and my projects/websites/etc are represented by a lawfirm in Nashville that deals explicitly with copyright.
I don't like to throw around legal weight.I don't think most folks of sound mind do; however, in this day in age with so many lazy people who want a fast "get rich quick" scheme,
I have to protect my own interests and have the resources to do it.

I check reguarly to see if any of my content has been copied to other places without permission and am notified by other sources if any of my content is found where it shouldn't be.

I have put my time in.
I have invested in my own education and have been joyed and equally pained by my own experimentation. I've learned and refined my skills and have almost 50 years of it.
I chose the long, hard road, ok? While others were selling out, I committed myself to not having and making do to allot myself the years I felt necessary to refine my craft and art.
I have not sullied my voice, ever, and I've taken the hard ass punches that go with that as well.

I don't take lightly to someone taking something in one minute that took me 30 years to perfect. If you do, it's theft, and as I said, this is my house. don't steal anything from my house.

It's a common misunderstanding that most folks can't afford attorneys in matters such as DMCA and intellectual property theft, well, we can. More to the point, you can.
If you take from me, I will do my damndest to make sure I am compensated...one way or another.
In case you needed to be reminded, I am a witch. A pretty good one too.
If you fuck me, you best be sure, I'm gonna fuck you right back....and my dearests, I am not saying that lightly.

June 14, 2020
Hexes & Muzes
On the 6th, we released the first issue of Ravynmoon's HEX Majizine! What we didn't do, was a release party as planned out of respect for the
BLM protests and memorials for George Floyd. At some point, we'll do a lil sumfin fun, but for now, it's no catch-up, just release, release, repeat. :)
On June 21st, our divination game MUZE™ will be officially released! For more information on the game and to download the pre-release information sheet,
click here.

It's going to be a very busy Summer and we're all very excited about our projects and progress.

June 4, 2020
Be Here...Now

"Wheel of Fortune" card from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck.

Witchcraft is activism. We are activists all within our own passions. It's the heart words that inspire, protect, drive and activate.
The most intimate,powerful, and unbreakable truths within the deep fires of our spirit.
We are a tradition of power and strength, refined in our connections, empowered by our adversity. Not victim, nor prey.
Everyone. No one. Eternal.

Ravynmoon continues to be the thorn in the side of those who would seek to shut me the fuck up. Scarlet letter, branded, convicted, scapegoated...doesn't matter. I'm still here.

The bitch didn't break then. Won't break now.

We are at the bottom of the wheel of fortune. Things look bad because transitions are painful. Birth is rarely pain free for the mother.
Never without destruction for the seed as the shell breaks way to give growth.

This is not an advertisement. It is a statement of endurance, passion and a call to action. Since the 80's, Ravynmoon has been an entity of activism and a creature of teaching.
Home to the betrayed, solace to the confused, and a sword and shield for the repressed. No matter how small, it mattered.
It mattered then, and it matters now.

Rootwork activism, through art and majik.

For years, I have been Mama Ravyn. THE Blood Witch; A Hexerei Appalachian forest critter with words and majiks partnered with the environment and genealogy/roots
as keys of empowerment. Now is the time for THE BLOOD WITCHES. Not just me, but many. It's a time to reclaim. A time to fight back. The time is always NOW.
Every moment. Every thought. Every bit of heart. Every breath.

On June 5th,. a worldwide movement of majiks is taking place. No matter what level your development, what path, pull up the knowledge of your ancestors through your blood, remember the things forgotten.

Don't just sit there and wallow in the fear. It's difficult to find grounding right now. I know. Just...stop. Take a breath. Feel the world around you.
Feel your roots, feel your blood, take your pulse, look at your hands, look in the mirror and then raise your head, open your eyes and be HERE. Be here NOW.

We are because they were. If we are not, they will never be.

June 3, 2020
Not an Insurrection
"The military was designed to protect the United States from foreign adversaries and uphold a constitution that explicitly protects the rights of citizens to protest peacefully."
The military is not his personal toy to be thrown around when he feels uncomfortable. It is a tactically armed and trained machine, designed to protect us from outside entities that
seek to do us a whole lot of pain and damage.It is to protect us from harms, both foreign and domestic. However, "domestic" does not mean that just because it isn't liked,
it is hostile. You can't just go around making people terrorist organizations" because they seek to educate, inform and protect their own from what they are see racial, social and economic injustices.

Insurrection" is not what I see when I watch peaceful protesters gathered outside of a church, or a family sitting on their own front porch, or the nice man gunned down for feeding folks for free,
or the detainment of Black and Hispanic business owners who called the police because they were being looted, or a young man asking for understanding and love and then being arrested, or the cops
drawing guns on a sit-in in our state's capital.
The only domestic terrorism I see is coming from the highest office of the current administration, and that trickle down into our local environment is cause for action. Obstruction of justice?
No. This is not obstruction. It is not insurrection. It is the multitude of voices rising up against a totalitarian and authoritarian regime that does not uphold our rights, our community or our freedom,
but instead wants everyone to just shut up.

Police needs to commune with their neighbors in accordance with their employment to protect and serve the people in their communities with peaceful communication.
Defusing a situation without militant force is necessary. This is not a partisan discussion. This is a human rights discussion.
The executive office is committing acts of atrocity against it's own people and it's long past the time to stop.

Military are employed by the people, and not by the office. We pay for their service. When a threat is known, it is up to the generals to deploy necessary action,
even if that means that the enemy combatant is in a high executive order. We call upon our protectors to protect us, communicate and act within their offices to do so, without excessive force.

Mr. Trump, you have failed as a leader, as a diplomat, and as a human being, and we await your resignation.

If he doesn't resign, vote him out. You may see these events and think to yourself that it's not affecting you, but I assure you, it is.
The policies in effect are meant to cause detriment and they will continue to trickle into your comfortable untouchable spaces if he stays in office.

What is your ancestry? What is your heritage? The census wanted to know.
When asked "race", it wanted to know from what country you and your ancestors came from. Maybe now is a good time for folks to look into that. What did your ancestors have to endure?
Would you cause them the same harm as they faced to your neighbors or future generations?
What would your life be like without people of color and their contributions to the society you find yourself comfortable in? Without their contributions, what would you not have?

Not one space on that census offered "American" as a choice of nationality or heritage. Lots to think about. Lots to act upon.
and one more thing...if you are afraid of speaking your mind, or of reposting any injustice, or of supporting the folks who are out here trying to make changes,
because you don't want to upset boss, or mother, or husband, or wife, then you have seriously got to re-evaluate the folks you call family and friends.

Reuters: "Perils for Pentagon as Trump threatens to militarize response to civil unrest" by Phil Stewart & Idrees Ali

May 13, 2020
The Power in the Poison

I've written about this before.I've touched on why I do, what I do, and how I feel.
It's a bit of a cycle, I guess. I feel down, reflect, mildly panic, move through it, and then reemerge.
At least it's better then it used to be; I used to lurk there; sometimes for years.

Perhaps I keep coming back to this because I'm trying to imprint the field. Maybe it's to self-validate or reassure myself.
Life brings change. Without that progression, we don't grow and when things stop progressing, they cease to exist.

The band Dimmu Borgir has a song entitled "The Serpentine Offering".
Some of the lyrics are:

"Reconcile not with the fear of the snake, but embrace it as your own.
Inject it's venom into your veins and replant the seed that gives growth.
Still shrouded in mystery until you arise above perception.
A veil of ignorance is in motion continuing throughout generations.

A veil of ignorance is in motion continuing throughout multiple generations.
Let me be the one that deliver you from the deceit and back into perfect accordance with the laws of nature.
The snake is notoriously tempting, but the snake is fair.
What is worse than not knowing? To live or disappear?"

When I first heard this song years ago, it was from a place of depresssion and anger.
A lot had happened and for a while I had been feeling like a victim f circumstance.
When I hear the song now, it reminds me of my own strength and that no matter what is happening in the world with the squabbles and power plays and confusion,
that the perception of it is the catalyst; and I can either dewll in my own anger and fear, or I can greet it, identify where it comes from, reflect on my thoughts and feelings
in it's regard and ultimately come to a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me.

Songs do that; they remind and inspire. It's art, and art is meant to shake the core. It's meant to disrupt, to cause effect, and to inspire. Art is the expression of the spirit at a given moment. It's a ventilator for the oppressed and words for the feelings and thoughts unspoken.

Art is sacred.

Everyone has their own form of expression. Their art might be in fashion, or in crafting, or woodworking, or gardening. Some take those expressions to music, or to paint or to word.
Our world is art, because at the core of it all, we're all artists in some way.
Art is majik. I don't care how you spell it; with the "j" or with the "g" or the ck". It is what it is...the manifestation of emotion, thought and will; and like all maijks, we are forced
by out own heart to reflect upon it, move what we are inspired to move, and progress as a result of those changes.

Do I reflect, understand and grow or remain stgnant because it's "comfortable"? What is worse than not knowing? To live or disappear?

Through the years, I've come to many and various schools of thought. I've reflected on the fear that requires it's followers to find an enemy instead of understanding their humanity
and blame it for all of the undesired in the world.
I've reflected on the fuck it quotient, those who say "carpe diem", those who say "go with the flow", and those who worship.
What I have come to is as stated before, my own "Gothic Zen". Taoist in it's adaptation, like dust in the wind, yet Bushido in it's "fight for what's personally impactful".
Take up arms for the innocent, know your limitation, learn and move through; move through...not around.
To be fully participant in each moment, not avoidant. Be expressive but not hateful. Be a self in connection with all.

Right now, the world is in complete turmoil. We don't know who's telling the truth. We don't know what to trust, and the rumors of ill-fates and consequences and the isolation is
driving everyone to these little "dark nights of the soul", as they look for spirituality, meaning and purpose. They fight out of fear instead of from a place of heart.
The mind-racing and fear of the unknown or bogeyman, be it pandemic or political, is moving everyone to action.
Some of those actions are terrifying as I reflect on the history of the human psyche in fear and all of the events that have been sparked because of it:
The crusades, the inquisition, the witch trials, the persecutions and executions.

All of our human history is playing out all around us all at once.
We are at zero point.

What now, with our novel coronoavirus? What now of our isolation? What now of our blaming and seeing that finger pointed inward?
We've all been added to the Gu pot. We're all being stung and bitten and infected with little bits of poison.
Will we renaissance? Will we emerge immune? Will we adapt?

We grow accustomed to things. Some become complacent through habit and habits are hard to break.
This is a forced reflection now. The mirror stands firm in the face of everyone.
What is valuable is becoming more obvious. Reflections of interests are creeping back into the psyche, and the need is mothering invention. The Gu is being stirred.
Society is renewing it's interests in the old tried and true, experimenting with the new and from out of this we will find something brand new. Some folks are saying
"oh, it won't change. People will go right back to the way it was." Well, they can't. You can't go back to something that no longer exists. This is an eviction of certain idealisms,
and you can't blame any one thing or person in particular.

It's a cycle. A revision. A growth.
Birth is uncomfortable. Reflection is powerful. Heart is truth.
So in my meditations and feelings and thoughts, once the dust settles and I finally exhale, I am once again reminded of what truly matters.

It's not the money that drives me. Compensation will come with work well done.
I don't "hate" anybody. It's easy to say "I hate him and wish he'd just drop dead", but I know certain folks are a reflection of the whole; a symptom of the sickness.
What I "hate" is the same thing everyone does...the liability. What will I owe as a result of this? What will I lose? What will I have to adjust, when I've already lost and adjusted
and sacrificed and healed from so much? It's a human fear, but at least in honesty, I see the face of the bogeyman in my own reflection.
I stop running, confront it, and listen to what it/I have to say so I can better negotiate with it...because it is me; and just like in the song lyrics,
"My decent is the story of everyman; I am hatred, darkness and despair."
I just choose not to stay there.

I dropped my cross a long time ago. My fires are the desire for better and the progression of art and expression is the love I have for myself and for my world and my suffering is indeed, optional.
So, what do I do now? Now that the little death has washed over me once again and the reflections of my own doom and gloom have been realized?
Today, I create again. My Ikigai remains strong; art in word and in planning and in substance.

All I can do is absorb the poison, little bits at a time, feel it's sting and let it transform me.

May 11, 2020
Clothes Pins, Stretch Test
Because we're kind of hanging out in the basement, we wanted to block off the mess and create a curtain.
It took a lot longer than it should have. LOL

In case you were wondering about the "butterscotch toffee coffee"-- > Boogie's Nightmare Brew

May 10, 2020
Right Brain, Left Brain
I got a new webcam so I could do my videos without having to rely on Jason's cell phone.
The webcam films in reverse vs me trying to figure it out.

May 7, 2020
Happy Fae Moon
It's been an interesting past few days of reflection.
I had a few things...some last strings, that I wanted to meditate on so I just took a few days to myself.
But here we are, Full Moon! and as promised, a full moon paper craft. :)

Click here to go to Papercrafts

May 2, 2020
Cheese & the Little Deaths
Endings to anything are like the little deaths; divorces from what was familiar, comfortable or just plain habit.
The death card in the tarot almost always indicates change.

Folks don't like being bombarded with emotion or having their comforts questioned or threatened.
I get it. I really do. Just when I finally get something to work, "they" change the rules. As I get older, my perception of time changes.
"Dammit! I just bought that thing!" of what seems like just a few months, a year- tops; in reality was a few years ago.
I don't think it's that folks don't like change; I think that it just gets harder to keep up when you see things changing so rapidly.
Many just say "fuck it" and find a comfortable place in their lives to park themselves.

Times are constantly changing. Tech is trending forward, but we're socially trending backwards.
People are trying to adapt, but folks keep moving the cheese in the maze.
Our sniffers are working fine, but it gets frustrating running around in circles trying to find it.

I won't die for cheese.

April 30,2020
The Witches Ride

Happy Hexennacht! To celebrate this witches night as well as the upcoming fae/flower moon, I've made this really cute Fae Moon paper house craft.

This little paper house measures 6" x 6" x 6" and I'll be giving it away for free! Just a fun thing to help keep spirits up. :)
It features a little door that opens and closes, is highly detailed and includes the templates for the interior as well. :)
Beginning tomorrow and through the May full moon, I'll be putting out free crafts, color pages and other fun things to celebrate!

April 27, 2020
Calm Knowing, Heart Words & Plants
Yesterday, I began work on the herbal compendium. It's been a very, very long time since the very first one.
It's what Ravynmoon shoppe was most notable for all of those years ago. It was a lot of hard work, but it was wonderful.
It's been a long time.

I've always believed that when the right thing or the right moment happened, I would know it. I would feel it like a bolt of lightning;
That hasn't been the case. It's been a series of undeniable calms; A series of knowings; a feeling when I get up in the morning, make my coffee
and the twilight has begun to fade to day. In those moments, I just know. I feel calm, focused, and know excatly what it is that it's the right time for.
There's no doubt, or fear; just a "today is the day".
Yesterday was the day for the herbarium.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of my Grandmother's passing. It's been 32 years. I figured that maybe it had something to do with that,considering her
work with plants and all; but I'm not feeling as though that's the case today. I slept on it. I've let the feeling filter though me as I type out and research and remember,
and I can't honestly say that's it's something that I'm doing in her memory.
Perhaps unconsciously? But still, I don't think so. There's peace and calm in my heart and mind
now, concerning her death. I don't well up in tears anymore. I remember, I have so much love for her, but any tear is a happy one, filled with
loving memories and happy thoughts of her instead of filled with sadness and grief.

This isn't for her, and not directly in her memory either. It's for me. It's for you. It continues a promise and dedication that I started all of those years ago as
a celebration of truth, life, history, majik and of course, plants. :)

I decided to focus on Appalachian plants only because they're what I know, and there are so many more I have yet to meet.
This is a busy time, and an exciting one!

I started working with gathering data from the Forestry service. They have a pdf of 126 native species of medicinal and historical plants. Many I have worked with,
and many I have not, but I'm learning new names, new faces, and seeing familiars. As always, I remain as transparent as can be. I try to keep everything sourced
appropriately, but that alone can be a lot of work as well, but I try.

As I work through these 126 at first, I'm being kind to myself and adding a few a day when I can; which is why if you've visited today, you see alot of blanks.
It's not a copy and paste service. It's research through many channels before it hits the page. That requires time.
I add what I know personally in regard to majikal application. I do not bite my tongue when it comes to certain ideas regarding
these plants, especially if I find the popular charm or correspondence dangerous or just plain wrong...and by "wrong" I mean mis or dis information
about wrong plant species or assumption and promotion that "substitution" is always acceptable or that using a toxic plant in a manner in which could hurt, mame or kill
a newbie witch or a beloved pet.

I cannot condone that kind of behavior and I absolutely won't promote it, whether those doing that kind of thing like it or not.

As stated in the herbarium, the majikal applications I give are those that I employ through my own system. If I don't know it or did't find it personally helpful, I won't
add that application to this compendium.
If I am at odds with a particular practice because I find it dangerous for folks to do, I will give my opinion on that because
I really, really don't like misinformation and I absolutely abhor disinformation.
Misinformation is just having a lack of data, resources or information. Disinformation is done on purpose, even after the knowing.

I used to think "oh, well people have common sense. They won't actually try these things. They know better", however in light of current events, I can say that I have been
extremely nieve where that sentiment is concerned.
People trust and many act in blind faith. I've seen our leaders turn on their people for a dime in a war of economics over well-being.
I've seen people deny all common sense and reason for one reason or another.

I am reading that folks are out there asking their governors and medical professionals if it's ok to actually inject disinfectants into their blood stream
to save or heal themselves from the Covid19 strain and after the disbelief and saying "you cannot be serious!", I realize that a lot of people
really are confused. Common sense aside, they read and react without much research, or they accept because of blind faith and/or laziness.
Religion and politics are nasty masters.

I love what I do. I am a teacher of that which I am knowledgable enough about to teach and give my heart words.

April 24, 2020
It's Challenging

This isn't hard.
This isn't difficult.
This...is challenging.

Every day I do what most folks do; I get up and make myself a cuppa warm drink and read the dailies. I'm seeing what everyone else is seeing too: the divide.
There are a huge majority of folks out being genuine. They are concerned, driven and creative. There are also a fair amount of folks out there
doing everything they can to offset any shred of care and any piece of consideration and peace of mind.
One side is of an acceleration of hope, community and inspiration. The other is a resistance to rationality by an acceleration of fear.
I feel the anxiety too. Hell, I'm a pro at that one. After coming out of a decade of anxiety and depression, I am finally able to put myself forward without self-blocking.
I'm able to focus without being nervous or feeling overwhelmed. I'm able to sleep through at least 6 full hours and I'm able to digest my food without medication.
I feel renewed and strong and creatively driven and inspired. I'm finally able to let my shoulders drop and exhale...and step out from behind the curtain and then
... bang...coronavirus looms around every corner.

I am one of those "fall through the cracks" folks. I can't vote because: felony. I can't work because: chronic pain.
I can't get assistance because I'm not sick enough. I was given that scarlet letter when I was just 25 years old. I'll be 49 this July.

I don't regret that felony. I saved a life. It was me...or him. This...me...a pawn, in a political gain game.
They wanted to prove something to the public; that they were doing their job. They weren't.
It was easier to go after the kids. It was easier to convict the compassionate, the artistic, and the free spirits then it was to go after the real criminals.
It was easier for them to use us/me as a means of propaganda. I was afraid then too; but I didn't let it drown my spirit. I refused to let them burn this witch at the stake.

What I didn't do was blame everyone else or want to commit them into a state of fear or panic.
I tied my boots. I made my bed. I went out and did me...regardless of what anyone else thought.
Compassion and creativity was and still is stronger than any fear, and I assure you...it was indeed, challenging. My experiences are mine. They are not stronger or worse then anyone else's.
Not everyone has had to clean up their husbands remains off the street after a car accident.
Not every pregnant woman has had to do it in jail, or fight off bitches with scissors threatening to kill them in their cell because they want a jelly krumpet,
or be ridiculed by the guards who constantly poke at the witch and her "Rosemary's baby".
Not everyone has had to fight off a cocaine addiction, or had to deal with a rape abortion, or had to lose their home not once, but three times.
Not everyone has a toxic environment. Not everyone has had to fight the court system to get off of a prescribed medication, and not everyone has been abused.

I have learned to do for me and mine. I have researched and creatively continued, and even in those mornings where I knew I had just 10 or 15 minutes
of peace before my bones settled, movement began and my mind started racing and spread the pain, I made use of it.
I read inspiring articles, I washed my face, and I reassured myself that this was not the end. Even though the greater portion of my spirit just longed to be with my beloved dead,
I had to remain alive for those who stood with me, and loved me, and the little hands that could barely reach all the way around my waist to hug me because
I had gained 100 pounds of emotional cupcakes.

Every morning, the first thought I had before my feet hit the floor was "I'm still alive".
I still get up with the twilight. I listen to the birds. I look up at the stars and occasionally the syzygy, as sun lays rising over the forested canopy
and moon begins to sink low. There are dew drops and the strong scent of thyme and dirt and moss; most of the small things people trample, on their way to the car.

I have lost more than most...not because of bad choices, but because I made strong ones.
Little by little, action by action, pound by pound and moment by moment of being true to myself, limiting toxic exposure, be it by people or place, I moved forward. I am a story of many.
Maybe not exact, but all with turmoil, and pain and situations where we chose not to be a victim, or prey.

I and others like me are the resistance...through care.

I allowed myself to feel the pain. I understood it for what it was. I moved through it and by doing so want to support and teach and care for others so they don't have to go through what I did.
I teach and promote change through active creativity and self-support and through community initiatives...not through fear.

Picket signs up in the hands of the spoiled ones, as they want a haircut. No signs up in their hands for the abused, the lost or the violated. They don't hold signs up for clean air or education or fair trade.
No signs held up for progressive, healthy, self-sustaining environmentally sound life.
It's people like these who gave millions of dollars to a potato salad recipe on go-fund-me, and paid Cards Against Humanity for boxes of air, dog-shit and to keep a back-hoe digging a large hole
in the ground...because it was funny...instead of putting that money towards the young guy fighting a disease with a widowed mom who also "fell through the cracks", or anything else with
legitimate impact and compassionate response.
They want bowling alleys open, and hair and nail salons and anything else they want to spoil them selves with no regard to anything that truly matters...the lives of others.
They don't care about anyone but themselves and as usual...only care about you as a means to get another terrorized and confused mind to say "hey, wait a minute, maybe they have a point".
Spoiler alert: They don't have a point, other than using your already stressed out and anxious heart and mind as a tool to get their disgusting and hateful agendas passed...
which largely is to just get rid of you and your creativity anyway, because they're a bunch of sheep without an independent creative stitch in their soul.
They ridicule the holistic, organic and natural...until it's all that's left.
They want your ideas. They want your fear. They want your votes, and then they want to kick you the fuck out.
This is challenging.

It is challenging to constantly be bombarded with this shit from the bullies and the politicians and the corporate and the organized religions.
It is challenging to get up in the morning and think "holy shit". It is challenging to be thrown into situations that you had not prepared for, or wanted,
and it is incredibly challenging to have to walk away from everything you knew as "your world" to embark on a new path...but it is not hard.
Hard is the sidewalk when your head is bashed against it by 3 men with guns in the "name of the law". Hard is the fist that hits you in the face when all you did was drop a spoon.
Hard is the headstone as you cry upon another one.Hard is the windshield. Hard is the hammer. Hard is the stake.

Yet, we rise up. We raise each other up. We teach, we inspire, we open our eyes and we live not for just us but for the sake of another human being that would suffer if not for us.
We are the teachers as those in our spaces are educated through our actions and activities. They will remember actions, not homework.
We are the healers as we put ice and a band-aid on that skinned knee, and need to support those who stayed up all night with the books and cut open the cadavers and learned and paid and
struggled through med-school...not for the cash, but to be an active helper to those who need medical help from conscientious, compassionate and well-educated people.
We are the counselors as we listen, attempt to understand and give words of encouragement.
We are the politicians as we commune with each other to to create fair living agreements. They work for us, not the other way around and they need to be reminded of that.

We are the environmentalists as we seek clean air and land and water in our own yards first, then our neighborhoods and flow that compassion outwards.
We are the librarians who hold books and photos and memory books, and old movies and weird turkey shaped hand-prints in that cedar chest in the bedroom so our kids can have it later.
We're the transcriptionists striving to translate Great-Granddad's love letter to Grandma.
We're the chef's as we trade recipes and scan Facebook and Pinterest for things that look good to eat. We're financial advisors and bankers as we budget, and make life changes and put that cash away
"just in case". We're the laundry folks, the trash collectors, the artists, the writers.

We're parents, friends, siblings and neighbors...and above all else, we do it because we can, we are driven, we are inspired.
We remain compassionate and we are stronger then anything or anyone that seeks to disengage that strength, unhinge our emotional balance, replace consideration with anger, torment our already
confused minds, or distract us from the real situations: that we are alive, with families and are true and strong and resilient for ourselves, those who need us now and in the future.
We will strongly defend that future with our creativity, our actions, our investments and our words...and no bald-eagle costume wearing,
swastika yielding, fake news accusing, picket sign waving moron is going to stop the revolution or the evolution of a people who find these "distractions" as exactly what they are:
a means to make you feel like it's hard.

It's challenging. Suffering is optional.
Create, inspire, and care...but don't feed your mind and spirit on spoiled rotten ideas any more than you would feed your stomach spoiled rotten food.
We all have the scarlet letter now. We all have the toxicity now. We all have the financial limitation now; but what you cannot do is live in fear. You can not promote or propagate fear.
Wear the mask. Wash your hands. Limit your exposure.

Let them picket-sign, hair-do and church themselves into an early grave, and after the bodies hit the floor, wait 2 weeks...and then emerge into a new world ready for the next renaissance.

March 31, 2020
A Frontline Assembly
I didn't want to use this blog as a place to vent. Interesting, considering the current affairs and the need for people to have access to ventilators.
I wanted to fill this space by writing "engaging articles" and thoughts to inspire.
I've also realized that by harboring that as a formal 'outline of process', I wasn't doing myself or my readers any favors and censorship of thought or emotion would just be lies.
It's what we express as passion, whether it be needing to have a free place to breathe or that one safehouse where we can be ourselves in a society of gray washout, our own personal truth is what matters.
Evolutionary is equivelent to revolutionary. It stands on the front line because it's the strongest, be it in mind or in physique or in passion.
It seeks to survive by implementing ideas. It b r e a t h e s. Survival requires certain needs be met, and when obstacles arise that are not organic (those that 'W'holistically nurture), a body sees it as an
attack. A body in distress attacks any virus that seeks to do it harm by sending out white blood cells to combat it.
Society does the same thing. What it sees as something that threatens it's well-being, people attack it. Some rally around certain ideas while others rally against them. At some point, harmony is established as the
"body" learns what is and isn't beneficial to it's well-being. Trial and error. Accepted and not accepted. Social queues are not always in the body's best interest largely because pack mentality
finds the easiest and most comfortable route. It falls on complacency and habit and during the process, loses it's skill, connection and edge.

It loses it's frontline.

I'm finding a lot of personally synchronistic and symbolically resonant situations in the current state of global affairs.
The virus, the politics, the environment...all macrocosms of the microcosm of self and for this body to evolve, I have to do what's within my own well-being. That is to write cleanly, and from the heart;
to be kind but not a doormat and to show by example as a rootwork of activism.

I engage by sharing my thoughts and creations with others. I seek to sustain myself by selling some of those skills in the way of handmade products and literature. My service is within the ecological
compassion and living a way that is inspiring to others who share my feelings but may be confused and looking for an alternative. I've learned to work slow and steady because I know that no thing,
be it a building, or a garden or relationship or project or business can last long if the foundation isn't strong.

A garden has to have the ground prepped and be free from weeds and vermin before putting in the first plant. A building foundation cannot have cracks or moisture and must be built on level ground.
Anything built must be done so in complete harmony with it's own organic space and time and environment. There is a balance in the ecology. There is a balance in the flow. There must be balance within my foundation
and therefore I breathe, I nurture, I am compassionate, and cannot grow or sustain in a hostile environment. My meditation and reflection and being truthful with my absolutely relevant needs must be met.

What I absolutely can't do is follow what's "normal" or "standard" as to the way people feel they are supposed to write. It would be a betrayal to my wild and organic flow, and I'd be a fucking liar
if I did it that way.
I wouldn't allow myself the balance I required if I did it that way.
I would be temporary and sick if I did it that way.

I'm at the root. I'm freely spoken. I share clean and honestly.
Pondering the phrase "to thine own self be true", people develop 2 schools of thought. 1 being that it's selfish. The other being that it's pro-active.
Those who consider themselves as not a part of nature frequently view it as self-serving, while those who know they are a part of nature view it as not only being protective but necessary to everyone.

"Thine" becomes less "me" and more vine, and more...you. More clean air, more vegetation, less poison, less unfriendly impact. Some see it as an attack. Others see it as a means to salvation.
It's all in the perception. It doesn't matter how small you view a thing, it has impact. Look at this whole cornoavirus. Something unseen, tiny, miniscule...spread and is waylaying society as we know it.
It came because of our impact. From the wings of bats...on the backs of travellers, to the markets of the uncompassionate and unsanitary, to the hands of those who were too busy to self-care, into the entirety
of the world. Just a tiny little organism, and one hell of a butterfly effect.

We can take this oppotunity to open our eyes more, open our ears more, and open our hearts more, or we can take the last bits of our "stimulus" checks and maybe, just maybe pre-need the cost of our own cremations.

Call it a plague or a virus or call it organic and symbiotic, but if the environment is harmonius with it's becoming, the revolution becomes the evolution.

Stand strong at your own frontlines. Hold your fucking land.

No color on this face of death
No shadow falls on his last breath
What are we fighting for?
No more devotion in his eyes
No longing moments no one goodbyes
What are we fighting for?
Too many loads in one place
Too many souls lay here to blaze
What are we fighting for?
Send this signal from above
Is there life?
Is there love?
What do you see?
Is that hope?
Is that air?
No more despair
When will we be free?
Shall no one live for other's life
Now dies in front of my own eyes
What are we fighting for?
Tell memories of a crippled fool
No legacy, but life's so cruel
What are we fighting for?
Too many loads in one place
Too many souls lay here to raise
What are we fighting for?
Send this signal from above

March 30, 2020
When it Flatlines
"I am not a victim of circumstance." Shit gets stressful, I go mantra. Sometimes, it works better than other times, obviously now is one of those "not so great" times. None of us are super witches. All of us are human.
Emotions are high. Times are crazy right now. We all just gotta try our best to keep it together and look out for one another as best we can. Some folks in my life aren't making that any too easy.
I try. But sometimes, no matter how much trying and concern is administered, it's not enough for some people. Tell you what though, if what I got isn't good enough for them, it's because they demand something more than what I am, and
that's not cool. I'm not going to beat myself up over someone else's opinions of who they think I should or shouldn't be. I'm me, and their permission isn't required. Neither is their opinion.
Sometimes, you just gotta blow that candle out, because if you keep it lit, it just might burn the whole house down.

March 27, 2020
Seed and Soot
"Coffee?" I pour another cup. Hazelnut, sweet.
I'm contemplating caffeine intake as I'm watching my 80 year old Dad with a heart condition move firewood on his tractor. He doesn't drink coffee.
More bad news, more bad humor, more numbers rise and less flattened is the curve. I calm myself as best I can. Sun is shining. Blue skies. I ache a bit less today.

"Destruction is an act of creation." I know this. I wrote this. I teach this. It's part of my alchemy. It's also challenging to stay focused when you're the seed being split.
Apocolypse. Yep, I knew I'd see it. I always knew.
I'm feeling it, like everyone else is. It's personal, isn't it? A whole lotta them versus a whole lotta you?
A whole lot of "if only" mixed with heavy doses of "I wish they would" with "why can't I just?".

L i t t l e p o i s o n b i t e s.

It echoes.
It resonates.
It becomes.

I recite the litany of fear. Dune. "fear is the mindkiller." Where is the spice?

I recite our creed. "I am not a victim of circumstance. I am not prey. I am every one. I am no one. I am eternal."
I breathe. I sip my last drop of coffee.
"Good morning!" that beautiful voice says as she peeks out from under her blanket covered in cats.
A random fact about Courtney Cox not remembering the details of her episodes on Friends. "Yeah. I can't remember a lot of my episodes either".
-she checks her blood-numbers normal.
Another deeper exhale.
Dad drives by with another load of wood. The vibration of the tractor rattling the window just a bit. Moths leave the outside light and fly back into the forest.
New Spring growth is pushing through the ash by the woodstove.

"ashes promote growth; soot and seed. fire to wick, procure the need"

March 26, 2020
Pay in the Front or Pay in the Back
So many things that I used to be able to code with a few this and that's no longer work. I went looking to see if there was any open source codework for a "subscribe to newsletter",
but all I could find was php, css, and folks who charge for a setup on their site. Kind of like a host, I guess, but again, not reliable for me.
I need to know that it'll be there for me when I need it, and not just stop working because of some new update or mandatory change or something.
I gave it a little thought and realized I don't *have* to have anyone "subscribe" to a newsletter.

All a newsletter does is make it convenient for folks that are interested in the site to have a little mail in their inbox. Updates and sales, are what most folks seem to be using them
for. That's really all that I figured I'd use it for; as well as any freebie little art piece or a little something fun and interesting I might want to share.
So, to avoid any extra costs and the completely unnecessary need to collect email adresses for it, I figured I'd just .pdf the newsletter for folks to download when they want it.

I don't see any need or convenience in coercing folks for their emails for a bit of glitter, acquiring a massive amount of data that I really don't need, obtaining the services of some middle-guy,
and extra work and extra cost...just for the sake of "doing like everybody else does".
I don't bandwagon, and the key word here is "convenience", which almost always comes at a cost that's way more than is acceptable, logical and practical.

I have a little motto I use when I have to make a decision about convenience: "Pay in the front, or pay in the back."
Basically what I'm asking myself is "how bad do you want it?". Most of the time, not bad enough.

I define my needs as what is absolutely necessary to survive, and those things are a roof over my head, clean water and food, shoes, clothes, and healthy mind and spirit.
Those things and those alone are my essential needs. Everything else is negotiable.
So, in essence to fill a desire by means of convenience, I would be negotiating my actual needs; the basic things that sustain me. Is it worth selling myself out or cutting myself short?

I've been through the entire "gotta have it now" gig, because most people do. Most people tend to get stuck in that concept and end up forfeiting a good
deal of peace of mind, and end up paying more for something on tick. Well, I've lost enough to know that "on tick" is temporary, and slow and steady makes for a stronger

I'd love to insta-snap my fingers and have it all now too, but that's catering to a whimsy that not only puts me in a financial bind, but adds to psychological stress.
That kind of stress always leads to other shit I really don't need; So, is it worth the risk? Even if that risk is to my health and peace of mind and heart?
Nope. It sure isn't.

I'm typing this as I sit here literally going through a foreclosure of my old house, so I can tell you that the rationalization is not just one that has to do with
whether or not a newsletter service, or a shopify platform, or some other shiny "convenience" is in my best interest. It's a rationalization that blanket covers
E V E R Y T H I N G.

I'm not going to get into all of the details of why the foreclosure is happening, but In a nutshell, I don't have enough money to support the high interest anymore.
I realized that I was stressing myself out over loyalty, commitment and loss, and that it just wasn't worth making myself sick over.

So, I'm being gentle on myself. I'm learning new things and holding onto old things that are well worn and give me comfort.

Ravynmoon, old as it is, neglected as it has been in some respect for some time, is an old friend and worth the time.
The majik has never left, just refined now. I needed time to take pause and to heal old wounds. I had to take the time to make sure that
when the time came (and I knew I'd know when it did come), that it was right.
This website is worth the time to do it right. What we have is valuable. I'd like to keep it just what it is...real.

March 25, 2020
Hands on, Head In
Please bear with me while I make changes to this website.
I realize for those of you who are popping in, that not seeing it completely finished is a bit of a disappointment, however, I'm not in the business of rushing things.
I want this site to have a strong foundation for folks to come to. Substance. Energy. Flow. No bullshit.
It has to be solid.
I am working on this page daily.

Ravynmoon has been around for a long time, but as tech changes, demands increase, and trends go all over the place, there is a lot of stress and pressure on us "little guys" ;),
and the feeling a lot of businesses have is to get it done, like yesterday. A lot of folks jump all in very quickly and "buy in" to middle-man insta-setups, because it takes the
guesswork and learning curve on website coding and design down to a minimal.
They also frequently forego sustainable, environmentally responsible and fair, for fast, now and easy. I understand why it's done, but that isn't for me.

I'm organic as can be. I need to see the math. I need to either understand the framework with a practical working knowledge, or be able to afford a nice tech person to do the whole css
writing for me, especially now that it's standard.
Unfortunately, I do not have the financial capability at present, nor do I personally know anyone who can help me out with this, so as you can see, at present, this website is not
mobile friendly. The content floats left on mobile, and the font shows small. My coding skills are definitely circa 2002. :P

As time progresses, I will either learn how to rectify this and get the site compliant myself, or will have the ability to hire a coder to help me out with this.

21 years ago, I also did things a bit differently, and wasn't as conscientious as I am now. Live and learn.
Being the first online metaphysical store was interesting, but during a time where having a home computer was a luxury and mobile phones didn't exist to the capacity they do now,
our shop was on unchartered ground, and we catered to mostly universities and those who did have access to what was to become "the internet".

I'm learning. We all are. Times are changing. Sometimes, a bit too fast and complex to wrap our heads around.

I have checked out some of these middle-man sites too, to see if perhaps they were a good fit for our shop, but I wasn't happy with them.
Nice designs. Clear and simple drag and drop function, bit they didn't offer me the control I wanted.
I also couldn't justify the nickle and dime this and that add ons. It gets expensive.

So, here we are.
I want to provide high quality content and supplies; things that I beleive in. Things strong. Things sustainable.

I am transparent as I can be, and I believe in business and education being a hands-on, head-in process. I believe in community. I don't hide behind facades, and I surely won't
try to fool my clientele into believing I have everything on lock, if I don't.
I'm human, and good stuff takes time. This isn't an excuse, it's a fact. We take pride and honor in our craft, and if we tell you it's been created via steps 1, 2 & 3,
are empowered, and ready to go...rest assured, it is. 40 years of experience and refinement (aka mistakes and learning), and the never-ceasing love of nature, education and
vision to bring real, strong, non-watered down majik to those who seek it is not only a passion or a service, but an actual soul driven thing.

Our products are created by 2 artisans, my husband and myself. That's it.
All of the incense, candles, art, clothing, jewelry, planted/grown/harvested/bagged dried herbs are only what we can do ourselves because it's what we make that
sets us apart from all of the other "me-too's" that clog the internet.
We are always learning and refining, but we/I won't forego blood and bones conjure for the sake of quick and plastic.
For example, I make useful, fun handbags out of recycled materials. I love doing it. I have carried my bag with me to try it out, a demo if you will, for over a year, to make sure
it was strong and sound under various conditions. I'm happy to say it is everything I had hoped for. A string on the handle did break after 8 months, but it was an easy stitch fix, and in
it's defense, I was carrying around an awful lot of extra rocks. Another example is pendants. I have to try them out. In the rain, while I sleep, in the bath, and a certain clay I used
did not hold up to my standard of durability. I won't waste, so I'll place them in resin. Beautiful designs, just not sturdy enough to sell as-is.

This is trial and error. This is experience and careful consideration. This is majik and art in our purest, most responsible and natural form, and to do this any other way is pointless.

I don't like to discredit folks. I love that there are so many creators out there doing their thing! However, there are a lot of others out there doing the quick and easy, and
I don't trust a lot of what's out there for sale to be organic, or ecologically respectful. I have to know for sure that anywhere we do source from is responsible, reliable, and honorable.
Gemstones are procured by us naturally and of little impact in our environment, so if they're not loose on the ground or in a rock that's peeking out from a stream or hill, we don't harvest it.
We have found a nice adventure couple who like to travel, and strongly believe in ecologically sound and sustainable mining as well, that we will be purchasing certain stones and frankincense from.

My time is valuable, and folks who trust me to provide them with powerful and quality content are invaluable to me.
Friends are hard to come by nowdays, loyalty and trust are fleeting and true honor is most precious.

Communication is key, and I want you to know exactly where we are during this time of great changes and that we are still and will forever be,
honored by you coming to this site out of curiosity, interest and to place your hard earned money on an item you trust in our skill and word enough, to be worth it.

As is understood, I'm sure, I'm not a machine. I like to wake up nicely, have my coffee, read the news, respond to messages, spend time with family and kitties and all of the
other things we critters do to get our days going off on the good foot. Once all of this website foundation stuff is done, more info and goodies and actual products will
be accessible.
A week from now, we'll have a lot of items in papercraft and other digital items avaialable because we'll be able to pay our digital shopping cart guy. ( I have tried over and over
to do this myself, but I just can't wrap my head around writing the .php).
Little by little as warmth increases here in the Tennessee, we'll be able to start foraging and harvesting.
Thanks for your patience and understanding, and please bookmark this page and follow me: Ari, "The Blood Witch"
over on Facebook, or at my blogspot blog...I have freebies there so you don't walk away empty handed,
and/or the Ravynmoon Facebook page, and/or over at the Wintermoon Facebook page to see updates as I can post them.

We have a lot of projects we try to make flow nicely into each other. One feeds the other, so to speak. Artists, yanno? :)

Thanks again for reading, definitely wander around the pages and websites, and if you have any questions or suggestions, just drop me a line at
arijahankhkhalid@gmail.com, or message us at one of the FB pages and we'll get to you as fast as we can.

Be well, stay hydrated, read a lot, and find your community where you can. <3
"The Blood Witch"

March 24, 2020
Pennies for Poison
A lot has changed over the years. It's hard to see where the supply chain actually is.
It's difficult to know what is legitimatly safe and that makes me very nervous.
Now, in a time when everything you could ever hope to find is on the internet, and our society is supposed to be more transparent then it has ever been, I'm finding
more folks just trying to pull the wool over our eyes, and get rather upset when asked questions, and associate questions to an assault or "bullying".
I asked someone last year who the artist was that created a piece that she posted on her Facebook group because I loved the piece and wanted to follow the artist.
Her response was that I was internet policing, bullying, and then reported me for asking her a question.
Frequently, when I ask "Is it organic?", more times then not, I get the response
"How do you mean?" or just an irritated look with the response "no", or as this Facebook lady did, get defensive and paranoid and attempt to hurt me for asking.

People are supposed to ask questions. We're all always learning and need to know the source; but when the trend of false information and lesser quality
are accepted because it's cheaper, that's a sickness.
Easier and more profitable for the seller should also go hand in hand with concern. Instead, tired overworked folks fall into sayings like "eh, I just don't want to cause problems"
or "it is what it is" or that whole "you can't fight city hall" mentality. If society accepts lesser then, what else can we expect?

I refuse to sell a $50 bauble of who-knows-where-from stone set in a who-knows-what-led-paint-content that costs literally $3 to make just because of some
ingrained notion of what "normal" is to them, or what is "standard operation" because people have succomb to these practices being a certain way.
As a society, we're showing by example that this behavior is accepted because most can't handle any more on their plate.
I understand, I really, really do. We *trust* that folks have our best interest at heart. We just want to have a little help in our already busy and overwhelmed schedules.
But at what cost? It's terrifying sometimes. It's frustrating all of the time.
True quality has taken a back seat with true skill for the sake of cheap plastic and poison and we have devalued ourselves by doing it.
We've devalued our cultures. We've devalued our environment. We've put ourselves and each other at risk to be a cog in someone else's machine and call it "normal".

We've put crazy people in the driver's seat. People are licking deodorant and tik-tok pissing on the produce.

This should not be normal.

It is not normal for people to throw someone elses health, skills, compassion, value and well-being under the bus. But, that's exactly what we're trading.
Likes and views for sale, yet we're two-pence none the richer.

I just need to know that what I purchase isn't going to kill my family, make us sick, or screw up the planet. I want to feel clean.
I want to be a part of something that is honorable and compassionate and provide those things to folks who want them too.
I want to see people in the square eating ice-cream and kids laughing on the swings and flying kites and old folks once again moving about, but you know what?
this isolation started a long time before this outbreak did. This sickness has been stirring for over 2 decades now. This mentality is frog soup: simmer low until done.

I grieve for the young generation who doesn't have a point of reference because they were born after the beginning of the collapse.
I miss the laughter, the people that filled every main street and mom and pop shop. I miss the way we knew what was clean, skilled and conscientious.

I remember when I was little, my Dad saying "My customers trust in me to do a good job."

We all need to do a good job.

February 11, 2020
Ikigai, Blogger Draugr's & Gingerbread Waffles
Blogs that have updates, blogs that have updates...don't you just hate blogs that have updates? LOL
Yeah, so some few years ago, I came upon one of those "how to" or basically "what not to do when writing a blog" blogs.
It talked about what the author thought was bad writing, or more to the point,what wouldn't hold a readers interest, or more to that point, how
to get a readers money.

I thought, well hell, a blog is pretty damn personal to begin with, being a diary of sorts, so if I'm not writing about me and my personal interests,
then what the hell am I writing about anyway? After all, the last thing I ever want to do is be another "me too". *shudders*
I read more blogs, opinions and commentary, and got similar opinion and suggestions, and after a good bit of coffee and cynicism,
finally said at my monitor "fuck yall. I'ma do this my way".

Ikigai...all in balance

Well their way turns out was more "profitable" in the short term, mainly because it's...gonna call it like I see it...fake.
I have un-followed more blogs that started out as unique and fun and personal over this then any other reason.
It's about ad revenue and influencing and "driving a readership" to a particular sale item...usually one for sale by a sponsor who is paying
the blogger to be an inexpensive sales rep.

I understand it. Money. We all needs it. I need it. I do have things here for sale...however, this wasn't my personal interest.
Money, yes...I want some too, thanks. However, my purpose in keeping a blog was for me. It was and still is, a way for me to communicate my thoughts,
ideas and projects to folks that are organically and genuinely interested in my goings on, whether they be art, or commentary, or a cool little gizmo or
gadget that I made. People seem to like the way I write. They seem to enjoy my stories. They like my "me stuff" that the professional bloggers warned me about.

Blogs, journals and diaries were meant to do "personal". An "I love you" to those left behind, or an "I existed" to a future world, or a "muhaha,
this was my evil plot to take over the world muhaha".
I love the idea that many years from now, when I'm dead and gone, these words and my art and projects will remain and continue to inspire,
give history, make comfortable or...set the system ablaze in some latent majikal resonance of aeonic transcendental anarchy. Muhahahaha!!!!!

It's funny, but this morning we were talking about what each of us wanted done with our bodies when we died.
I've had several ideas over the course of time, from "just cremate me so my spirit can flow free with the forest" to wanting a Gothic mausoleum
with my history scrawled into the walls in some old dead language;you know, to make it fun for future archaeologists and to creep out the local kids,
to "just bury me with my cat".This morning, I think I have come to a conclusion...and yes, it's blog related.

When I die, I have decided that I want to be cremated, viking style on a bed of pine branches,but add pond reeds, sweet grass and heavy doses of wild bergamot.
Then, I want to be interred in a small Gothic style mausoleum, with my cat. Red velvet curtains draped along a small alcove that contains a pedestal.
On that pedestal, my book of shadows.

On the wall, in runic, the phrase "here lies Arijah Ankh Khalid-Zyn, the Blood Witch Queen of Wintermoon".
Also in runic, a recipe for Gingerbread Waffles, and perhaps a stone draugr or gargoyle or two just for added fun.

I mean, come on, how Stephen King, to be buried in a pet cemetery? How Lovecraftian, to give Silver Key like heir to my remains?
How Skyrim, to be attended to by a... ahem *blogger drauger*.

The Gingerbread Waffles, an added me thing. Why visit and go away empty handed? What would you get if you came to visit living me in every day life? A yummy caramel coffee that's syrupy sugar sweet, and a heavy dose of Gingerbread Waffles.

People come to my front room for advice, or a quick tarot reading, or to just "be", somewhere comforting for some witchy chat.
When you come to my blog, you come to my parlor...for me; be it the art, or the back story, or the comfort of somebody real,or that you genuinely
want to buy a particular craft goodie I made, or even just to pick up that recipe, you get me. You don't get "ad revenue" me. You don't get "sponsored by X Y or Z" me.
You don't get generic and you sure the fuck don't get another "me too" trying to drive your perfectly beautiful brain and hauntingly lovely kindred attentions
to a cheap plastic doohicky that some buttplug corporation wants to sell.

You get my personal blog. You get my opinions, as cringy and un-apologetic as they may be.
This is my space; my foresty, Gothic, cryptic wall of what-the-fuck, in a virtual cemetery full of flat 3-liner headstones.

I want you here. Not for your money. Not for your view count, but because it's what I do. I'm the front parlor gypsy who likes the company and
real talk over a nice sweet cup of coffee and a nice new friend. I want to leave bits of who I am with the world, and to those that would have me over for a spell ;),
and to leave a bit of weird and kindness in my shadow.

As for that Ginger bread Waffle recipe, here ya go...

and you didn't even have to tomb raid or fight drauger to get it. See, I'm not hard to get along with. ;)

January 24, 2020
A Dance with the Dead

"Dance with the Dead" ©2020 Arijah Ankh Khalid-Zyn. All rights reserved.

I've spent the past week sorting through files, updating websites, writing histories, and coding pages with skills ala circa 2000. LOL
The Gothic Poets Society page has a full history written, as does Ravynmoon. I can't say I'm not pleased with how they've turned out.
It was a bittersweet walk down memory lane writing all of that. Another dance with the dead. Another skeleton to escort me out onto the dance floor.

My music project, Zyn has it's own page, however, I am having trouble embedding the videos. If I can't figure it out, I'll upload them to YouTube,
and then embed them from there. It's been a long labor of love, that's for sure. What I didn't want is to waste all of that work. I'm a raven spirit true
to the word. I learn, I like shiny, I gather. I wanted to make use of what I had (that was good), and have a good laugh at my attempts at art I did some
23 years ago in MSpaint.

I have a bulletin board ready to go on the Coven Ravynmoon page, but it's not yet functional because I haven't had the time to go to the forum to read
the set-up instructions. I found a couple of my full albums that I want to put up for folks to download, but I haven't figured out a way it would be
comfortable to do it. I could put a link up to my google drive, at least until I can figure out some other way to do it.

The freebies are up. Links are active (for the most part). Etsy has a few things up, but I haven't devoted a lot of time to creating new shop
items because I wanted to finish this base work first. Foundation is important.
The herbal compendium will be put up in unison with another book I'll be writing soon. I may have the time to work on it little by little,
but I figured if I did the majority of it at the same time as the book, it would cut my time in half, and I have a lot to write.

Thirteen books are on the agenda to write by January 2021. I'm hoping to find a print shop I can go through that won't charge us an arm and a leg.
I say us because the more it costs for me to print the damned things, the more it is ultimately going to cost my readers, and that sucks.

So, we're finished with phase 2.
Soon, I'll be able to get on the HEX video series as well as launch my Patreon account. I just wanted to make sure I had a few things in place first.

I've been out of the public eye for quite some time. Folks don't know who I am, and the ones that do remember are few and far between.
I wanted to give proof of my history. It's difficult to do with some things that predate the internet. for those who don't remember, I want to try to help folks
understand what I'm about. That's what this blog, the websites and other writings aim to do.
When you look at my art work, and have read about various events and experiences I've had, it gives my readers a better understanding of
who I am and why I am who I am today.
Folks have to see a history. They have to read reviews and see my work. Since piecing back together some form of paper trail,
I feel as though the history and the work speak for themselves. I keep my friend circle small because trust is the most valuable asset a person can have.
I know the value of trust. I know the value of loyalty.
3. Transparency.
I tell folks I prefer to dance with my skeletons on front street. I don't hide my feelings, and I'm out about my majik.
Instead of not writing about it, I felt it was better to write it and just inform folks of what they can expect to read from it's content.
In essence, I'm not censoring myself, but voluntarily rating myself. It's only fair.
4. Consistency.
I want to be available. I need to be consistent. If I say I'm going to drop a product, or a freebie, or any content at all,
I need to make sure that I do that when I say I am. I can't expect anyone to buy, share, try, or employ in their lives anything I have to offer with confidence
if I can't do what I say I'm going to do when I say I'm going to do it. I'm busy af, but this is the value of scheduling myself.
It also is a great way to ward off burnout.
5. Content.
My content has to be tried and true. Any new things will be run through the proverbial ringer before they come down to the general public.
I create nice things. I keep my prices low. I give back to the communities I love by means of articles and freebies.
If by chance something doesn't work as it should, I'll try to fix it.

I know folks get tired of the whole "update" blogs. Like who the fuck cares what Ari did or how long it took, but I am happy
and proud of my accomplishments. I'm happy to be back and at work, and this is no different then I have ever done anything.
I explain in detail, I offer my service, I don't make promises I can't keep, and I believe in updates.

Once we get further into the videos and other back stories, then I can get more involved and get you all more involved in some pretty interesting stuff.
You're just going to have to stay tuned. If you don't already, be sure to like and follow, and subscribe to my pages, blog, websites and YouTube because
once we go...it's all go.

Thanks for being here and for your ongoing support, confidence and trust.

On Raven's Wings,
The Blood Witch

January 20, 2020
The Darkest of Fae

"The Darkest of Fae" by Arijah Ankh Khalid-Zyn

In December of 2017, the Independent posted an article entitled Beyond Disney: Why the bloodcurdling fairies of old were to be seriously feared: The creatures of British folklore are not tutu-clad beings, but mischievous bed-hopping folk living in a dangerous parallel world".

Unfortunately, I didn't see it until tonight, when The Spae-Wife Witch over on Facebook, posted a link to it. (she always posts such good stuff)

One of the books mentioned in the article, "Magical Folk: British and Irish Fairies, 500AD to the Present" by Simon Young and Ceri Houlbrook, caught my attention.
You see, I too, am a forest creature. I, as well, live in one of those most enchanted of forests.

Oooh my, the original fairy tales...the o r i g i n of the myths...the darkest of fae, and as the author suggested ‘magical, living, resident humanoids’.

The enchanted forest as it really is and was experienced, and written from an academic standpoint! A curriculum vitae that I can really get my head and heart around.
A glimpse into the old world myths, legends and lore, is something that is mostly left up to interpretation.
Those who have these experiences are frequently laughed at in most places in modern society, however even the most respected and modern of folks,
are still experiencing them.

I'm excited to get my hands on this because from what I understand, it's not just another "me too" book, or a paraphrased menagerie of maybe,
but a real academic research into the experiences of folklore, and I, am a picky witch.

Is it just a belief? After all, belief is a powerful thing; like when people find Jesus in their food.
Some throw their matrixy treasures up on Ebay to make a quick dime. Some claim they've had life changing events because of the experience;
but what exactly are we experiencing, if or when all belief is suspended?
What if you're just walking along minding your own, and out in front of you runs a sasquatch across the road?
Or you swear you just saw a *thing* peeking at you from behind some tree?

There is a question people ask me from time to time on whether or not I think that people see only what they believe.
I don't believe in deity, and I will tell you straight up that I don't want it or need it, because in my bubble, "god is dead";
But I say that for >me. I don't say it to be cruel to anyone else's point of view. If deity is real and alive and a moving force in your reality,
then that is for you, and I have no business or concern to change your mind of it and you have no cause or concern to change mine.

Remember when Terence McKenna compared mushroom visions to some people not being able to run "alien 2.0"
when encountering people who have had what they believe are extraterrestrial visitations?
He also said this:
“Right here and now, one quanta away, there is raging a universe of active intelligence that is transhuman, hyperdimensional, and extremely alien...
What is driving religious feeling today is a wish for contact with this other universe.”
~ Terence McKenna

The man was a visionary. A psychedelic shaman.He also suffered from a brain tumor.
Was it the tumor causing or intensifying the visions? Possibly?
So, who's to say. Me? You? It doesn't matter.
The experiences were and are real to those who have had them. Sometimes, people just see what they do, whether they already have a belief in it or not.

I have had many experiences with what I consider to be "Fae". A lifetime worth.
I even have a few photos up on cd somewhere I'll have to dig up so you can see for yourself.

Photos, unfortunately, don't always catch what we see. What our eyes see sometimes is what our brain translates, or what our nerve endings tell us,
or what our blood remembers. Is it real? in my opinion and experience, I'd have to say "of course it is". It does get a bit...complicated.

Perhaps all of this is some form of Jungian synchronicity or archetype, or maybe even as Dr. Freud stated,
"There can be no doubt that the source lie in the instincts; but it still has to be explained why the same fantasies with the same content are
created on every occasion. I am prepared with an answer that I know will seem daring to you. I believe that...primal fantasies, and no doubt a few others
as well, are a phylogenetic endowment".
Phylogenetic is "blood memories". Those genetic traits we've inherited from our forebears, which sometimes comes across as a sense of knowing a certain thing.

I used to date a guy back in high school who woke up from a dream once with a big red whelp on his leg.
He said he dreamed that he got hit with a baseball. The thud and the pain woke him up. There was nothing around him that could have caused it.
Was it real? Well, that lump sure was.
It's not just about visions, or matrixing, or seeing faces in photos or trees, or synchronistic events.
All of these play into these experiences and perhaps many of them do indeed stem from the same root, however, to actually see and/or to personally
interact with other creatures and beings...well, that's something entirely undeniable when it happens to you. Isn't it?

So what do you think? Have you read the book? Have you had a personal encounter with the fae?
Do you believe in the darkest of fae?


If you need to summon me, I may be found haunting these places:
GMail & Messenger: arijahankhkhalid
Discord: Wintermoon#5991
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/ArijahAnkh
Zoom: arijahankhkhalidzyn

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