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"We walk the old paths and we dance with the dead" is a motto that we use in the Eternal Beloved, which is our branch of documentation and genealogical work.
We try to keep record of our families because it's so easy to lose sight of where one came from.
It's powerful and fascinating to see your own DNA passed down throughout time. It always inspires awe in me to watch it travel from person to person until I know it as myself,
sitting in this chair, writing to you.
How many times have we met before? Who were we, as the promise of us danced in the bellies and spirits of our ancestors as they passed each other on street, or helped each
other during hard times, or even fought each other on a battlefield? How many loves? How many losses? How much has been experienced!
Namaste: You are another "me".

Knowing who you are can also help identify diseases and mutations within certain groups.
Knowing why you are drawn to a certain place, or a particular type of music, or a particular way of being, may be what we call "blood memory".
Blood memory is the genetic memory of the ancestors, whispering secrets about where they've been, what gave them comfort, what did and didn't work and what scared them.

Blood memory is part of the reason of inner "knowing" such as what a certain plant does, or how to make a particular recipe, or knowing what turn to make on a strange road because it
just "felt familiar".
Blood is created in the bones. The marrow inside them creates the red and white blood cells.
Lymphocytes are "immune cells" which are also produced in the marrow; so there you are, manufacturing your life stuff in a lineage of every other in your tree and every other
that ever was, and creating your own imprint for those that are yet to be.

Once a body decays those bones still contain the genetic fingerprint of the life that was.
It's beautiful.

We are, because they were

We don't take a life to obtain bones. We collect them naturally by finding deer antler sheds, naturally fallen ones and those whose life was cut short.
These creatures are honored as family, because they are.
We perform proper burials as an act of respect and love and acknowledgment of our connection to them.
Burials also help us to keep coyotes and other natural predators from coming too close to feed at a place where they might get injured or hurt someone else.
It helps keep decay out of natural waterways when done properly, and I assure you, that matters.

Some of the bones are kept to be employed as talismans by initiating a particular set of necromantic work.
This work ensures us that:
1) The animal spirit agrees that a bit of their essence can be obtained for the majik.
2) The animal spirit is given honor in ways that extend their own longevity.
3) The bones are cleansed properly, naturally and safely with the animals dignity and honor in tact.

We do a lot of work with bones.

In a Veshigi space, you will find them in windows and on tree limbs and in greeting and as ward or
as jewelry or talismanic charms and in some forms of art.

We like to keep our dead close; in turn, they assist.

We also help others track down the bones of their ancestors and loved ones through volunteer work with Find-a-Grave.

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