` Hexenritt: The Witches Ride: The Official Ravynmoon Book of Shadows
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"A wonderful fact to reflect upon:
that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other"
~Charles Dickens

Hexenritt: The Witches Ride: The Official Ravynmoon Newsletter & Book of Shadows
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This is a book of shadows containing majik specific to Coven Ravynmoon and the Veshigi Tradition of Witchcraft, Societas Draconis Alchimi and Current 180.
Although portions may be employed in other personal practices and traditions,not all may be complimentary.
If you have a question, kindly message. This content is for personal use only.

Spells & Incantations
Ravynmoon-Hexxenacht Full Moon Spell
Hexennacht 2020 Full Moon Spell.mp4
Transmutation of Unwanted Behaviors
Friendship Binding
New Baby Blessing
First Quarter Moon-Superpower Spell
Honeycomb Spell-Leo Full Moon
New Moon Majik: Raven Bargain Spell
A Draconian Samhain Blessing
Aphrodesiac: Enchanted Cherries
Caduceus Full Moon Crafting, Spell & Incantation for 11/30-12/1 2020 (printable files)
Caduceus Full Moon Crafting, Spell & Incantation for 11/30-12/1 2020 (audio file download)

Invocation-Ravynmoon-Call of the Dragon Spirits-Celtic
The Dragon Ritual Package
Sirius Fire Transformation Ritual
Draconian Saturnalia- Thirteenth Night
New Years Eve: Wolfen Path: Sirian Majiks Info
The Wolfen Path-Sirian Rite of New Years Eve-Shadowbook Printables

Wards & Curses
Brick Dust: Apotropaic majik and use of the color red (brief information)
Spell of Repulsion
Okiku's Curse

Incense & Perfumes
Ravynmoons Van-van Oil & Thunderbolt Powder Recipe

Herbs & Oils
Ravynmoon's Appalachian Herbarium
Herbal Compendium-Printable Shadowbook Pages

Divination & Scrying
Muze™ Pendulum Board Freebie

Necromancy & Spiritualism
The Hungry Ghost Festival Package

Symbinds, Sigils & Runes
Tri-power Luck & Majik Hex
Domicura Wisgethn-Symbind & Glotseal-PNG
Symbind & Glotseal-Explanation

Grids & Webs
Hexagonal Sacred Space

Meditations & Pathworkings
The Nhagha Rite: An Ophidian Meditation
Meditating Within Void
Full Moon Guided Meditation:The Dance (Text Version)
Werewolf 101-printable BoS package
A Winter Treasury New Moon Guided Meditation Pack (audio, .doc and Printable Shadowbook Pages) .zip 61Mb
Cyclogenesis-Tri-conjunction working January 2021

Vinegar de Marseilles (4 Thieves)

Ancestral & Blood Majik
Blood Memory
Wake the Dragon

Majikal Gardening
Medicinal Garden
De Materia Medica

Fabric Doll Pattern for Hexdolls and Fetishes
A Waning Broom
Fae Moon Paper House

Moon Calendars
Moon Calendar-January 2021
Moon Calendar-December 2020
Moon Calendar-November 2020
Moon Calendar-October 2020
Moon Calendar-September 2020
Moon Calendar-August 2020
Moon Calendar-July 2020
Moon Calendar-June 2020
New & Full Moons with Moon Signs-2020/2021
Eclipses Worldwide-2020
Lunar Calendar Sleeve Suggestion MP4

Monthly Astro Calendar

Pages & Journals
Ravynmoon-Wonderland-BoS-Journal Set
Ravynmoon Blank Shadowbook Page
Moonlight Sea Gothic Baroque Apothecary Labels
Moonlight Sea Gothic Baroque Small Scroll
Free Coloring Pages

Classes & Tutorials
How to Work the Veshigi Conjure
Hex Signs-An Introduction to Appalachian Hexerei
Ravynmoon's Beginner Witch Package I
Ravynmoon's Beginner Witchcraft Class Starter Package
Zero Point Witchcraft Education Podcast

ZYN: DRAGON (Full Album)
ZYN: HAUNTED (Full Album)

Tools & Resources
Emergency Essentials-List of books and websites for preservation and sustainability

Gathering of Shadows October 12-18, 2020

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