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We are switching from digital to physical items. If an item is currently unavailable to purchase, check back in a week or two.

How about a personal or gift reading?
Gift readings are great and unique gifts for those difficult to buy for.
* fun novelty for the curious and the skeptic.
* insight for the interested and the spiritual.

Want one for yourself?
One time readings as well as subscriptions are available.

Times are tough. My "We're in this together" discount applies.


Spellwork Reading
$125 $75 a session.
This is a 30-60 minute session which includes a full spread reading, discussion and spellwork specifically designed for the client.

Full Spread Personal Reading
$75 $45.
This includes a 30 minute personal reading and discussion.

Seasonal General Reading
$100 $75.
This reading covers the 3 month period within a season. 30-60 minutes. Includes discussion.

Monthly Forecast
$125/mo subscription paid monthly.
Readings are broken down into weekly forecasts, delivered monthly.

No cash? I consider trades!

Message arijahankhkhalid@gmail.com to schedule your reading now!

Live video readings available upon request.


Want to learn to read Tarot yourself?
Learn from a real witch with over 30 years experience in reading and teaching Tarot!

This one on one class will teach you:

* The traditional meanings of the Tarot cards.
* How to harness your vision and read intuitvively.
* The differences in deck variations and spreads.
* How to combine spellwork with the cards.
* How to do a personalized spellwork for yourself or a client.

The class also includes:

* A personal reading and discussion.
* Your own Summer Night Oracle-Lenormand deck.
* A printable divination journal.
* Printables for your own journal or Book of Shadows.
* Direct correspondence between student and teacher.

This class is divided into 12 - one hour sessions.
Video call sessions:
* 1-Reading and discussion. Get a one hour reading and discussion from Ari and introduction to the class.
* 2-Introduction to the Tarot and how to get started. Why the cards "do what they do" and how they work. Supplies needed.
* 3-The Major Arcana.
* 4-The Minor Arcana: Swords.
* 5-The Minor Arcana: Cups.
* 6-The Minor Arcana: Wands.
* 7-The Minor Arcana: Pentacles.
* 8-Step by step guidance on how to lay out a spread for a reading.
* 9-The difference between a Lenormand and oracle deck vs. the traditional Tarot.
* 10-The Gypsy way. How to give a reading using a regular deck of cards.
* 11-Outline of a spellwork and how to employ it within tarot.
* 12-One on one divination from student to teacher. Take your new skills on a test drive!

* A Rider-Waite tarot deck by session 3.
* Access to video chat and a printer.
* Time, motivation and a willingness to learn.

Benefits of the class:
* Learning to read the Tarot gives you a better understanding into the divination process and why people do it.
* The skill of divination makes use of your intuitive and natural sensitive abilities as a human being.
* Divination can give you better insight into your personal connections, how you process situations and the ability to assist others.
* Learning how to the Tarot may provide the opportunity to generate some extra income by giving personal readings to clients, hosting parties and giving classes of your own!

Don't feel intimidated.
Learning is "go with your flow". Scheduling is done on a relaxed basis. Classes are formulated around your schedule.

Want to bring a friend?
Get 2 for the price of one! Just make sure that friend is available for all sessions. (limited to only 1 friend)

Cost of the class is $450, and paid when class one is scheduled.
Summer Night Oracle deck ($25 value) Introductory reading ($45 value) Printable journal ($10 value) Printable materials ($20 value).
Each class breaks down to about $25 per session.

Kindly message for details and to schedule your personal class.
Space is limited so reserve now.

message me at arijahankhkhalid@gmail.com for reservation availability and payment options.

Muze™ is a single or multi-player game created by esoteric artists and occultists, Arijah Ankh Khalid-Zyn & Mizdimma DeSade.
iT originated as a tool of divination and convocation that later developed into a game that demands the player to face a series of obstacles and mysteries of their inner most psyche.
It is not a game for the light of heart.

Muze™ is played by one of five ways:
* as a divination tool working with one or all of the decks that comprise the set
* by employing the contact board by way of channel
* by working with the entity employed by the game to assist you in a query by following clues
* by playing with others in a game of mystery
* by following the clues that MUZE™ leaves to solve a particular puzzle.

The Storybook Runes Printable Set

These cards were designed with a storybook feeling and energy, and each rune designed with tree branches.
They speak to the innocence within each person; that place of pure heart.
"We write our own storybook and fairytale every day. Some days we’re the big bad wolf, some days we’re the damsel in distress,
some days the forest witch at the edge of the darkened wooded path.
These cards will hopefully inspire you to see with the eyes of the forest itself.
~if we’ve learned anything from the fairytales, it’s that the heart only speaks the truth and that innocence is never a disguise for ignorance."

The set contains:
* 25 highly detailed rune cards and booklet.

The Summer Night Oracle LENORMAND

The Summer Night Oracle LENORMAND is an original divination deck by esoteric artist Arijah Ankh Khalid-Zyn.
It was designed as a playful and surreal alternative to the traditional tarot.
The deck contains 36 cards,linen finished and sealed with a UV coating. *The cards are standard 2.2" x 3.5" in size, on high quality card stock.
*Full color booklet with images and descriptions and handprinted tuck box.

The Devil's Oracle

The Devil's Oracle is a 25 card divination deck comprised of 7 sin cards and 18 atrocity cards.
Handprinted tuck box and 2 books included:
*8" X 5" The Devil's Oracle: Book One: The Sins
*8" X 5" The Devil's Oracle: Book Two: The Atrocities
*Cards are UV Coated and embossed with a linen texture.
USD $38.99 + Shipping


The Oracle of 13 Gates

This deck took over 5 years to complete. It was divined in connection with the Behenian fixed stars, and each meaning and vibration instilled within the cards themselves.
Each card contains a quote of signifigance and empowerment.

*The cards are 3.5" round, on high quality card stock with UV coating and linen finish.
*Full color booklet with images and descriptions in linen satchel.

Shipping Policy

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