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Natural witches. Plain and simple.

The earliest incarnation of Ravynmoon was as a teaching coven.
That has never changed.
We're as much mud, blood and bones as we are fire, herbs and stones.
We're natural witches. Plain and simple.

Our brand of witchcraft
* The education provided here is information and glimpses into our brand of Witchcraft, the Veshigi path.
It is a path created by and introduced by myself, Arijah Ankh Khalid-Zyn. It is my own practice, and one that I have developed over a lifetime.
I taught it via "the old Ravynmoon coven", way back in the mid-90's to only a select few: my friends.
I have recently decided to make this practice available to all of those whom it calls out to:
The raven spirits, the forest witchers, the hexerei...those with muddy feets and well-worn dreds, and donne bones and carry wardstones to their liking.
Our majiks are practical in their effect, but what others may view a little odd in the application.
It's for those seeking deeper connection to their environment in a non-deist, non-traditional, darkly psychological, enchanted forest, manifestative way.
It is blood, mud, root and bone; fire, leaf, twig and stone.

Creatively different. Alternatively empowering.
What I present here is not a "new" way, at least not to me and the few spirits who took it up along the way; however it is a new way to those who have never heard of it before.
It's a freedom for me like none other. A connection that fills every aspect of my life. It's a way to be, without the demands and trappings and projections and dogma of others.
It is clean in it's natural ability. Innocent as a forest critter can be. It is beauty in the dirt, art in the leaves, compassion in the woods, and ancestral honors that go way beyond what is
currently accepted or understood. We do not believe in death as an ending, but as a transition. We are not a religion, nor a cult. This is a majikal path; a wildly grown, playfully sewn, deeply personal
absolute and unwatered-down form of witchcraft.

In the sections below, I give a little info on how these practices are integrated within the Veshigi practice.
Each section also gives a little bit of something for the curious to "try on", be it a recipe, or a worksheet, or an idea.
I'm not here to do any harm. I'm here because I always have been, even though relatively silent for the past 20 years, as I watched and witnessed what was happening around me.

I'm getting older. I feel that what I have to offer is a good way, a deeply powerful, empowering, and connective way. I want to share this with others as a "new" way, or an alternative for those
who are caught up in a cluster-f*ck of confusion and disinformation and who are left wondering "where did all the old witches go?".
We're still around. I'm still here. I've just been waiting for the right time for me; the right time for you, and that time seems to be now.

What I provide is a service. A shoppe where you can find exactly what you need, by a witch you can trust, and classes for those who wish to delve deeper into our mysteries.

This isn't your Gram's folk majik, it isn't prayer and it isn't servitude. It's also not for the squeemish or light of heart.
Now, with that being said, I do invite you the curious or the kin...in covenant or at ward, to the enchanted forest.

There is no other way out, then in.

Are you a newbie witch or looking for a path that's right for you?
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