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a gathering of shadows invitation

Download the scroll (50Mb. 15"x 26") ~ in case you want to get all fancy like and present it to your friends. :)
For those with slow connection speeds
Download the text only version (4Kb)
For the disabled and visually impaired
Download the sound file (4Mb)
Listen to the recited invitation

Banners & general supportive and particpant graphics
*please download these to your own computer and use the directions provided for websites and social media.
a gathering of shadows 2020 event flyer
a gathering of shadows 2020 banner graphic
Click to open, right click and save to your computer. Link to http://ravynmoon.com/gathering.html.
For social media, just upload the graphic, and link to ravynmoon.com/gathering.html and hashtag #gatheringofshadows and #ravynmoon.


Monday-October 12th, 2020

7 am-coffee and breakfast by campfire(cancelled due to rain)
9 am: General welcome.
10 am: Why a Book of Shadows is Important

Tuesday-October 13th, 2020
10 am: How to create the Book of Shadows

Wednesday-October 14th, 2020
10 am: Sections & Layouts. What makes up the Book of Shadows

Thursday-October 15th, 2020
10 am: Guided Meditation and Pathworking-The Old Boat House-Part 1

Friday-October 16th, 2020
10 am: Journal printables are in the Book of Shadows

Saturday-October 17th, 2020
10 am: Spells & Curses are in the Book of Shadows

Sunday-October 18th, 2020