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Ravynmoon's Appalachian Herbarium

This is the Appalachian Herbarium. It is a labor of love, and an ongoing tool of education and research and is updated frequently.
Originally (pre-2000), Ravynmoon had focused on all herbs and plants worldwide. Today, we focus on only those plant species that are found along the Appalachian mountain range.
This work includes the entirety of the Appalachian range within the United States. We currently forego Candadian provinces because we don't live there, and have little personal experience
with those plants. If you are Canadian, and you have a strong working knowledge and/or information of those plants, kindly drop me an email and I would love to work with you.

The herbarium is in alphabetical order by common name. The botanical name is listed to the right.
There is a lot of misinformation lurking about in regard to medicinal plant use as well as majikal properties. Much of this is because folks can't tell
the difference between look-a-like plants. Some plants by a certain name have qualities in another region of the planet than plants here in
North America. The problem arises when the plants are given the same name.
A lot of people do no more than copy and paste information that they have gotten off of another site which has done the same, and a dangerous rumor mill
begins to occur. The plants given in this compendium have been scholastically and scientifically researched and/or personally experiemented with. Sources of information
will present at the bottom of the page for your further research.
Majikal prescription is provided by me. Those prescriptions are based on my own experiences, practice and use.
They frequently will vary or all out completely contradict much of the popular magickal uses that you see in popular correspondence charts.
That is largely because:
1) The plants discussed here are of Appalachian nature only.
2) Many plants on the internet have been mislabeled. Different species do not perform the same.
3) The Veshigi path employs different techniques on the energetic qualities of the plants when used in majikal applications.
4) "Traditional" is often misunderstood. Traditional can mean it worked and is still working without toxicity, or that it's steeped in
superstition; much of which can kill you.
I don't like to shit on people's "traditions" but I know people try things out because they trust that the information they receive is accurate.
If a site says it's "traditional" or promotes a plant as being safe and it really isn't, that's just completely dangerous and irresponsible.
There are a LOT of old hoodoo superstitions and charms that are NOT safe. Witchy, beware.
5) Immigrants brought to this land their knowledge and familiarity of plants from their homelands. What worked there, may not (and usually doesn't) work here
because they frequently aren't the "same" plants.

Plants chemically absorb, transfer, and change composition of their structure based on a lot of variables, especially when considering geologic composition of
the soil, climates, stress factors, etc from whence they originate;hence why there's so many species of the "same" (not same) plant.
The botanical name tells the tale. Pay attention to it and never get so lazy or so trustful that you inadvertantly "eat the tide pod". Know what I'm saying?

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