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Site updates, new things added & goings-on

*11/29/21-I'm in the process of creating an on site blog. If blog link is wonky, that's why.
*11/26/21-The November newsletter is available.
*11/24/21-The Enchanted book/class is up.

*This Book of shadows is constantly updated. Check back frequently.

Workings that have to do with connecting with or honoring the ancestors.

Blood Memory
Ancestor Convocation
A Draconian Samhain Blessing

Various scrying techniques & divination tools, such as: oracle cards, tarot, spirit and pendulum boards.

11/25/21 Currently putting together a few divination resources and printables. check back in about a week or so. ;)

Resources and tutorials on how to make majikal crafts.

Waning Broom Directions
Fae Moon Paper House
Pine Cone Tree

Resources for family tree and genealogical research.

Working with crystal energy grids.

Hexagonal Crystal Systems In Sacred Space Arrangements

Information & recipes for various different herb and oil mixtures.

Ravynmoon's Herbal Compendium
Ravynmoons Vanvan and Thunderbolt Powder Recipe-Shadowbook Page

Information & recipes on how to make majikal perfumes.

Majikal Perfumes-Introduction
House of the Dragon
Always writing new recipes. Check back often.

Information of witches gardens.

A Medicinal Garden
A Witches Garden

Guided meditations and longform majikal workings.

A Winter Treasury : New Moon Guided Meditation (with audio)
The Old Bay House : Pathworking and Meditation (Printable Version Only)
Werewolf 101-printable BoS package
The Nhagha Rite-An Ophidian Meditation

Printable moon calendars.

January 2022
February 2022
I changed up the design a little bit. I like it. :)

Past Moon Calendars-2020-21
(not all, but quite a few)

Majikal music.

ZYN - Ritual & Meditative music
The Witch House: Playlist on Spotify

Working with the dead.

The Hungry Ghost Festival
Fetish Dolls-Complete Explanation Creation & Activation

Printable resources for Books of Shadows, journals and stationary.

Why a Book of Shadows is Important
How to Create the Book of Shadows
Book of Shadows-Sections & Layouts
Ravynmoon-Wonderland-BoS-Journal Set
Pumpkin Patch Journal Printable Papercraft
Raven Pentagram Wreath Printable Stationary Set
Mystickal Plans Agenda Book: A Lifestyle Planner of the Mystical & Mundane

Various potions and other majikal concoctions.

Marseilles Vinegar (Thieves Oil)

Edible crafting & yummy recipes.

Majikal workings that are conducted in ceremony.

Witches Night- Hexennacht 2021
The Dragon Ritual
The Wolfen Path-Sirian Rite of New Years Eve

Various spells to manifest change.

New Moon Transmutation of Undesired Behaviors
New Moon Raven Bargain Spell
Enchantment-Enchanted Cherries.
Lantern Spell to Bring a Loved One Home
Conjuration/Servitor-Emily's Closet-Majikal Craft
Manifestation/Desire-Stuffed Anatomical Heart-Majikal Papercraft

Outward signs and symbols that are majikally empowered.

Protecting yourself and loved ones from harm, and methods of retaliation if necessary.

Okiku's Curse
Repulsion Spell (aka Majikal Raid)

Words and terms within the magical community, with a focus on the Veshigi vernacular.

A Veshigi Lexicon of Witchcraft Terms

Complimentary classes and other educational resources of my design.

Ravynmoon's Beginner Witch Package Hex Signs: An Introduction to Appalachian Hexerei Enchanted: A Book of Veshigi ForestCraeft & Ancestral Majik
The Elements
Traditional and Historical Correspondences
Building a Majikal Workspace
How to Work the Veshigi Conjure-A Perspective
Zero Point Witch's Educational Podcast Archive

Monthly newsletter highlighting various upcoming events, past explorations and other infos.

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