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Welcome to Hexenriit, the Witches' Ride. This is the official Ravynmoon online book of shadows.
This is a complimentary version of the coven book of shadows, posted in neighborly good faith, as a way to share bits of what we do, and how we do it.
It is obviously not a complete volume, as that is reserved for coven members alone;
however, know that what you are about the read and/or download are unique, tried and true examples of the Veshigi tradition of Appalachian Hexerei.
They are the wyrds, methods and practices written by Arijah Ankh Khalid-Zyn exclusively for the Ravynmoon Coven & Societas Draconis Alchimi.
Each of the items listed is presented and contained within jpg format, some with a full downloadable zip file package, or in RTF text and audio.
It is best to download any of these files directly to a home computer, and not to a cell phone as they are quite large.
Some of these workings are free, some are available to purchase.

These files are formatted this way so that they may be printed directly into your personal book of shadows, and to make copy/paste theft more difficult.
Within them is the blessing and curse, so use them wisely.

Each file is listed beneath it's section. Some files may be large, but easily downloadble in pdf, zip or jpg format.

*This Book of shadows is constantly updated. Check back frequently.

Be Ye Of Good Service
"You have come to these pages of service,
if you've found in them words that you need,
take them and use them in best of health,
do not spurn them or use them in greed.
Share in good spirit these findings,
honor the code and not steal,
lest the beasties of burden befall you,
and unpleasantries all that you feel."

Table Of Contents
Ancestral & Blood MajiksDivination & ScryingForestcraeftingGenealogyGrids & WebsHerbs & Oils
Incense & PerfumeMajikal GardeningMeditations & PathworkingsMoon CalendarsMusicNecromancy & Spiritualism
Pages & JournalsPeriodicalsPotions & ElixersRecipes ✻ RitualSpells & IncantationsSpell Kits
Symbinds, Sigils & RunesWards & CursesLexiconClasses & TutorialsHexenwulfNewsletters

General Beginner's Information
Spiritual Atheism and How Its Translated Within the Veshigi Tradition of Appalachian Hexerei
The Elements
Traditional and Historical Correspondences
Building a Majikal Workspace
How to Work the Veshigi Conjure-A Perspective
Zero Point Witch's Educational Podcast Archive

Ancestral & Blood Majik
Workings that have to do with connecting with or honoring the ancestors.
Blood Memory
Ancestor Convocation
A Draconian Samhain Blessing

Divination & Scrying
Various scrying techniques & divination tools, such as: oracle cards, tarot, spirit and pendulum boards.
My divination items for sale

Resources and tutorials on how to make majikal crafts.
Waning Broom Directions
Fae Moon Paper House
Pine Cone Tree

Resources for family tree and genealogical research.
Be your own family "blood witch". Know your roots.

This is a long project. Check back often for details.

Grids & Webs
Working with crystal energy grids.
Hexagonal Crystal Systems In Sacred Space Arrangements

Herbs & Oils
Information & recipes for various different herb and oil mixtures.
Ravynmoons Vanvan and Thunderbolt Powder Recipe-Shadowbook Page

Incense & Perfume
Information & recipes on how to make majikal perfumes.
Majikal Perfumes-Introduction
House of the Dragon
Always writing new recipes. Check back often.

The Ravynmoon Antiquarian Library

Majikal Gardening
Information on witches gardens.
Make a Majikal Handpainted Container Garden -Perfect for New Moon Majiks!
Growing a Majikal Garden: It's More Than Just Dropping a Few Seeds (rtf)
A Medicinal Garden
A Witches Garden

Meditations & Pathworkings
Guided meditations and longform majikal workings.
A Gathering of Brooms: Removals & Transmutations of Energy for New Moon 9/14/23: PDF 130 Mb
The Cave: A Guided Full Moon Eclipse Visulaization & Talisman for 5/5/2023
☆ Underworld Underwater-New Moon Working in Pisces-2/20/23: Audio / Text / PDF
☆ ZOON: January 2023 New Moon Working in Aquarius: Audio /Text / PDF
A Winter Treasury : New Moon Guided Meditation (zip with audio)/folder
The Old Bay House : Pathworking and Meditation (Printable Version Only)
Hexenwulf: The Werewolf in Appalachian Hexerei
Werewolf 101-printable BoS package
The Nhagha Rite-An Ophidian Meditation

Moon Calendar
Most recent printable moon calendar
June 2023

Majikal music.
Dance with the Dead Radio (Our radio station)
The Witch House: Playlist on Spotify
ZYN - Ritual & Meditative music

Necromancy & Spiritualism
Working with the dead.
The Hungry Ghost Festival
Fetish Dolls-Complete Explanation Creation & Activation

Pages & Journals
Printable resources for Books of Shadows, journals and stationary.
Why a Book of Shadows is Important
How to Create the Book of Shadows
Book of Shadows-Sections & Layouts
Ravynmoon-Wonderland-BoS-Journal Set
Pumpkin Patch Journal Printable Papercraft
Raven Pentagram Wreath Printable Stationary Set
Mystickal Plans Agenda Book: A Lifestyle Planner of the Mystical & Mundane

Majizines, articles and oracle readings
Hex: A Majizine for the Woodland Witch
Deliciously Motivated: The Diary of Arijah Ankh Khalid-Zyn
Potions & Elixers
Various potions and other majikal concoctions.
Marseilles Vinegar (Thieves Oil)

Edible crafting & yummy recipes. Build Your Own Witchy Recipe Collection!
Midsummer Sugar Plum Tea
Wild Red Cover Biscuits
Homemade Caesar Salad Dressing
Bavarian Pretzel Card 1 | Bavarian Pretzel Card 2
Enchanted Sugar Plums Card 1 | Enchanted Suagr Plums Card 2
Oatmeal Dandelion Cookies
Flatbread Pizza
Lentil Mushroom Meatballs
Pennsylvania Dutch Baked Corn
Pumpkin Bread
Pumpkin Puree
Peanut Butter Acorns
White Chocolate Coconut Snowman Heads
Wintermoon Spicy Vegan Sugar Cookies with Cinnamon Glaze
Gingersnap Tea Recipe Card
Spiced Apple Jelly
Lavender Rose Jelly
Chocolate Mint Jelly
Cherry Bomb Jelly

Moon & Stars Recipe Box Papercraft & Recipe Cards (zip file 24Mb)
Moon & Stars Recipe Box Contents

Majikal workings that are conducted in ceremony.
☆ Ritualis de Lupus Antilocapra: The Jackalope Ritual (Small Package) Zip file 14 Mb. | Purchase full ritual package soon.
☆ IT: Deep Reflections,Inner Rebellion, & Sewing Up Old Band Shirts/May New Moon/Scorpion Flower Cycle : PDF / TEXT / AUDIO
Betwixt & Between: Lupercalia Working with Pan.rtf
Dachstag: Shadow Work Groundhog Style: Are you afraid of your own shadow?
Disablot: Honoring Women & Charming the Plow ( Ancestral Majik & Preparations for Seed Work) RTF format.
Werewolf 101 (Wolf Moon) (zip)/folder
Witches Night- Hexennacht 2021 (zip)/folder
Witches Night- Hexennacht 2020 (zip)/folder
The Dragon Ritual (zip)/folder
The Wolfen Path-Sirian Rite of New Years Eve (zip)/folder

Spells & Incantations
Evocations, invocations, conjurations, enchantments & various spells to manifest change.
Transmutation of Anger
☆ The Apple of Discord & Seeds of Fate Curses: The Apple of Discord Curse ...and to add insult to injury...Seeds of Fate Curse
☆ Shout at the Devil: The Merseberg Charms: PDF / Zip File
Moongoat: Full Moon April 6. 2023
The Emergence Tree: An activity in self-awareness PDF / Audio
☆ Chinese New Year 2023!Ari's Keys To Having a Productive & Enjoyable Water-Rabbit Year :Zip file / .RTF
A Self Empowerment Jar Spell
September 2022 Full Harvest Moon & Autumn Equinox Notes & Dates (rtf file)
Artemis-To the Moon and Back-working corresponding with shuttle launch (Summer 2022) .txt
The Wildwood Satyr, the Raven & The Balance: The March Hermaphroditic Full Moon & Equinox :March /Audio
The Heart of the Lion: Tools of Talismanic Correspondence for Full Snow Moon, February 2022
The Black Goat Moon-New Moon January 2, 2022- Live Deliciously (zip file6.04Mb) (contains shadowbook printable pages and mp3)/mp3 only
The Wolves & The Mirror-Snow Moon and Solstice 2021 (zip file 13.12MB)/folder
3 Strand: A Haggish Work
Conjuration: The Husker Fetch: Conjuring Baba Duke
Invocation of the Morrigan (zip file 8.70 MB)/folder
New Moon Transmutation of Undesired Behaviors
New Moon Raven Bargain Spell
Enchantment-Enchanted Cherries.
Lantern Spell to Bring a Loved One Home
Conjuration/Servitor-Emily's Closet-Majikal Craft
Manifestation/Desire-Stuffed Anatomical Heart-Majikal Papercraft
New Baby Blessing
Friendship Binding Spell BoS page/1992 Original scan

Spell Kits
Workin' on it. Stay tuned. ;)

Symbinds, Sigils & Runes
Hexmarks, runes & outward signs and symbols that are majikally empowered.
The Three Hares
Symbinds: An Introduction (zip)/folder

Wards & Curses
Protecting yourself and loved ones from harm, and methods of retaliation if necessary.
Protective Goop
RED: Brick Dust and Use of the Color Red in Apotropaic Majik (zip)/folder
Okiku's Curse
Repulsion Spell (aka Majikal Raid)

Words and terms within the magical community, with a focus on the Veshigi vernacular.
A Veshigi Lexicon of Witchcraft Terms (zip)/folder

Classes & Tutorials
December 21st, 2022: PineCodes - Magical, Historical, & Medicinal Uses of Pinecones: A Ravynmoon Mini-Class by Arijah Ankh Khalid-Zyn
Zip file (97.67 Mb) / PDF (184.93)

News & Calendar
Here you will find news, events, calendar & the occassional newsletter highlighting various upcoming events, past explorations and other infos.
News & Calendar


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