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The Appalachian Hungry Ghost Festival

Appalachian Hungry Ghost Festival is not really a "festival", but a time. Here's how to do it.

1) Food for the dead.
never feed the strange ghosts in the house. Put out a plate of snacks (cookies, cake, candy, fruit, etc),place a little juice or wine or preferred drink beside
the plate. Place fresh water in a bowl or glass. Place a little light. Battery candles are nice, or just leave the back porch light on.
Play music from a radio or something if you want to provide entertainment.

2) Acknowledgment.
When you place the food and things, just speak out that you are a friend. You understand how loneliness feels and that you know they are here and that they are valuable.
Say that you come in good heart, but do not wish to be harassed or bothered because you too have a lot to experience yet.

3) Currency.
Some believe that in the afterlife, there is still the need for currency. Currency only has value when it's been traded. Print out our "ghost money", or print out
some other money you find on the internet or purchase hell money from folks who have it for sale. Ours has been traded at $20 a note.
That means I gave someone the cash, and they gave me $20 for it. It now has a living cash value of $20. The value doesn't change, even though you
can print it out from us for free.

Another thing you can do is place coins by the plate. If you use coins, do NOT take them back into your wallet after the ghost festival.
If they are still there in the morning, throw them into a wishing well, or place them in a collection plate or box or something.
You can always just keep them in the nook of a tree, or under a special place in the yard...just never take them back into your own currency for spending.
Burn any ghost money leftover the next morning. Do NOT reuse it every year.

4) Document.
If you're a "ghost hunter", document the experience. A lot of folks do get videos and EVP's at this time. Just don't do it outside.
Hook up some video or surveillance instead.

5) Particpation.
If you participate in this, you ARE performing an act of necromancy. You are opening yourself up to the experience and are connecting to centuries
old currents from your Asian ancestors.

6) Consistency.
If you do it once, you should keep doing it. The ghosts will see you as a "wayfinder". Do not make promises you can't keep.

7) Energy.
What you see and what you don't see will conflict.
There is essence of a thing. When you place food or light or drink, the essence of the thing is taken by the ghost.
The amount of sustenance it provides depends on how much the entity consumes. If you are a witch, you can connect the energy to something of dependable,
sustainable and long term energy...like a star. This acts as a battery.
I like to look at it like the trick-or-treat bowl. When it's gone, it's just gone. For ancestors, connecting to a star is a nice addendum for light,
but not for food because in this world, it rots.

8) Left overs.
Throw any leftover food to the animals. Make sure it's something they can eat. If not, just throw it away. Do NOT eat any leftovers.

9) Charging.
If you haven't been keeping a table for your ancestors regularly, this is a good time to set one up. Take a few days in advance to do so.
It can be small to start out. Just put a few photos, a nice little lamp or candle, and a bowl of water and a plate of fruit on it. Put any pretty
things you like on it. I know, cats and kids can be an issue here, so if that's an issue, a wall shelf or a top shelf on a bookcase or on top of the
refrigerator is fine. If by chance the cat DOES get to the water, don't worry about it. Refill it as necessary. keep the place clean.
If you don't have photos, just write their name on a piece of paper and slip it under the light, or just verbally speak out to them by name and let them know
they're welcome there, this is their spot to recharge, and say any other words you like.
Ancestor night, aka: Halloween is when we as Veshigi do the connecting rituals. It is WAY different then hungry ghost.
If you keep an ancestral table or altar, you don't have to do anything special for hungry ghost, however, if you haven't kept up with it, this time is a good time
to recharge or create it.

10) Protection sigils.
Protect yourself from intrusion. Hungry ghosts are called "hungry" for a damn good reason.
The "hunger" is voracious in some to the point of vampirism. Seal your windows, above your doors, and any entrance or exit, including your plumbing,
electrical outlets and fireplace with a symbol or sigil of protection. If you're religious and say prayers for the dead or use prayer cards, do that.

*Not all of the ghosts are just human. Animals get "hungry" too. A few bits of corn, meat, honey, fish, etc (you decide what's best) and a bowl of water is acceptable.

Get a FREE Appalachian Hungry Ghost package here: The Hungry Ghost Festival.zip

This is part of a setion in the Ravynmoon's Hex majizine Autumn 2020 issue. It is being released early because the release of the Autumn edition comes after the
date of the Festival and I wanted to make sure to have this information available for those who wanted to participate in the event this year.

The package contains 2 printable Book of shadows pages with information pertaining to the traditional hungry ghost festival, the Appalachian Ghost Festival variant in the Veshigi tradition, and
printable "ghost money" front and backs. Print 2 sided option with your printer, or print out front side and then turn the page around and backwards and feed back into the printer
to print the back. Personal use only. Thanks. ~A.

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