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Journaling is a bit more than just writing a diary.

A diary is usually just a bit of thoughts; a register of your day.
A journal, well at least the way we do it, it more of a chronicle of our craft.
Like scrapbooking, it involves photos and mementos.
Like a book of shadows, it contains spells and poetry.
Like a field journal, it contains notes and drawings and photos about your environment.

a field journal entry about holly

Journaling not only helps you to remember important things, it leaves a legacy in print and in your own perspective.
Its a beautiful memento for the future, and an invaluable asset to a forest witch.

Create your own journal
Start off with 2 pieces of cardboard of equal size, for the front and back cover of your journal.
Cover each one with a nice fabric by gluing, or collage them with printed photos and baubles of your choosing.
Once dry and sturdy, punch holes along where the "spine" part goes. Be sure the holes on the front cover line up
with the holes on the back cover.
If you'll be using looseleaf paper inside of your journal, be sure the holes match up with the holes in the paper.
Place plain paper, or shadow book pages, or looseleaf inside of your book, and trim to fit if necessary.
Tie together with string, or ribbon.
Decorate and begin writing in your journal.

You can always journal is volumes. You can always have seperate books, like a journal of poetry or thought, another as a
field journal to carry along with you, and a dedicated book of shadows.

This is the Ravynmoon book of shadows. I started keeping it when I was 7.

It's massive. You tend to write a lot during the course of 40 plus years. :)
I do share this info with the coven. There's a lot of memories in there. A lot of content. A lot of really weird experiemental stuff as well.

Yes, it does have a name. All of our majikal creatures do.

If you would like to purchase a journal from us, please go to the shoppe at Gothic Graffiti

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