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Diary Archive
1/15/21 Ravens, Writings & The Cure
1/14/21 New Moons Have A Way
1/13/21 A Funeral Invite To A Birthday Party
1/11/21 A Note About In Person Gatherings
1/11/21 Brick Dust
1/6/21 Moonstruck, Mists & Spice
1/3/21 Vitae
1/4/21 Gremlins & C *u* SS
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January 15, 2021
Ravens, Writings & The Cure

I didn't plan a personal party for Edgar. I didn't bake a cake. I posted 1 song, and it was late.
I spent the day writing. I have a lot to write. I've spent the evening writing more and listening to The Cure. I'm sure he understands.

January 14, 2021
New Moons Have A Way

7 am
I corrected the oopsie over at T.G.P.S. early in the day yesterday. I'll get the other printables up within the next few weeks. I'm having to refocus on how I'm doing a few things, but
sometimes, change is best. :)
I hadn't planned anything exceptionally majikal for yesterdays new moon. With all of the Tri-conjunstion stuff, this just seemed like if anything, it would be an
ambient "what you got" kind of a moon. It was; however, the "what I got" turned out to be "this is what is" and rolled right on over into "what you gonna do about it?"

It started off with a simple trip to get cat food. I usually don't go, as Miz is our "designated shopper"
but this time, I wanted to go for the ride, not to mention I was a little concerned with him going alone.
Miz usually throws his hair back with a hair tie to go to market, but this morning, he brushed it all out and wore it down. So, here we are, him in his long black trenchcoat,
and long beautiful red hair, and me with my foresty black hooded cape and combat boots. We always look like this. The only exception was that this time,his hair was down
and that I wore an additional covering over my usual medical mask.

We don't live in the most open-minded place. There are worse places to live and folks here are generally nice and mind their own damn business. For the most
part, if they don't like you, they just don't fuck with you. BUT, there is the occassional clown who just has to resort to some territorial pissings by doing or saying
something stupid. This time it was some woman starting some crap with us when we got out of the car. It was unprovoked. Just us, in our usual way, heading across the parking lot
to retrieve some fucking cat food. Her with some "Is it Halloween?!", some snickering and some incoherent mumblings about politics. Then, me... reiterating some reciprocal banter
about her being dressed as a "fake-ass Christian". She then rambled off about something else and then jumped in her car.
This woman then drives up to the store and sits there with her phone, trying to egg us on, with her phone in hand.
We ignore her, go about our business and she left.
All of these people with all of that pent up frustration are now seeming to attack anyone who is different that is within earshot.

So we go into the Family Dollar. Not one person in that store was wearing a mask and everyone just stared at us.
No commentary about what just transpired outside, no concern. Maybe they didn't hear? I don't know, but the stares were deeper than usual. There was silence and the
occasional whisper. After this, we go into our local market for a few things. Once in, nobody was wearing a mask in there either. Not one person.
This is not unusual here, considering that the mask has become less common sense health and safety matter for some folks, and more of a perceived statement
of "you one of them damn socialists". *sigh*

While we're in the market, someone I used to be friendly acquainted with was talking with an elderly woman who was obviously sick. Neither were wearing masks.
She stopped talking to me after Trump took office. Prior to this, our children were great friends; since then, all manner of whispers and ignoring me has been going on.
Anyway, I overhear her say "I know. I've had the covid 3 times since October". O.O Did she just say THREE? THREE TIMES?! and here this bitch is not wearing a mask...in
the neighborhood market, talking to another woman not even 2 feet away from her face.
I couldn't believe what I was seeing or hearing, so we hurry to the check-out, forgetting and foregoing anything else we needed and headed for the register.
Miz did manage to grab loaves of potato bread and oat bread in passing.
At checkout, we weren't met with usual friendliness. It was cold. Eyes were set more sternly on my black clothes and black mask cover and Miz's long hair.

Trump was impeached again today. Is this the reason for the attitude change? Probably.

We drive back home, discussing what had happened. I'm obviously irritated. We both are. It's just difficult to wrap my head around how many people have gotten sucked into
the mindset of conspiracy theory and hate. But, these things pull up and out of you what's already rooted within, don't they?

We're ok, we live to tell the tale another day and the cats have fat bellies again.
We're hoping not to have to go in town anytime soon because not only now do we have to worry about stupid Covid, we have to -once again- be met with a mutated strain of Satanic Panic V3.0.

On a better tip, I got necklaces and a few t-shirts created for the shop and coven last night, Miz made his delicious majikal curry and I had the best night's sleep I've had in a long time.

Today, I'm left with the "this is what you got", which is the reality that I am doing ok. I'm focused on my work and the things I'm doing make me happy.
I'm pleased with the direction everything is going and I'm able to help out a few folks in the process.
I've also gotten a very good look into what lurks deeply within a good majority of people, and why. Oddly enough, if you want a deeper look into the origins of this
kind of mentality, look to the ancient Romans -especially in regard to classical art, apotropaic magic and the satyr/hermaphrodite. I'm serious. You'll find a world of
"are you fucking kidding me right now?" and "THIS is ingrained in society?!". Yep. Facts be facts.

My weekly oracle forecast expressed that:
"Thursday January 14th, we see bunny in reverse with the sun...suggesting that we may be feeling a bit lazy and out of sync or out of focus.
Perhaps we're taking on too much and are beginning to feel a little overwhelmed? Take some time to get out and get some sunlight."

Sunlight be good. So far I haven't personally felt overwhelmed today. That happened somewhat on Tuesday.

The forecast says of tomorrow:
"on Friday "Witch" offers "Talisman". Energy is flowing and witch arrives as a declaration of majik, but the message is clear---there has definitely been
an activation of energy. Sometimes desired, sometimes not, but with all of the environmental factors and astrological significances this week, no doubt
it's something that has been expected. Be mindful still of your surroundings and what may be previously unseen."

Ok, that Friday reading is speaking heavy volumes to me right now, especially considering the political climate regarding transition.
That whole "be mindful of surroundings" has me on edge, especially with what happened yesterday. I am nobody's scapegoat. Unfortunately, sometimes to NOT
be someone's scapegoat means having to drive their face into a wall until they no longer have one. I know bullies, and now, we're surrounded by them.
I'm not a fan of violence, but I'm not a fan of being miserable either, so hopefully nobody else decides to poke the wolf and if they do, let's hope she's not hungry.

Today I have ashes to spread, some promos to make, a class to write and some other bits of this and that to review.
Let's hope today goes rather smoothly.

January 13, 2021
A Funeral Invite To A Birthday Party

What happened yesterday was deeply frustrating.
I made a mistake that was although funny after a few hours of processing it, but also shouldn't have happened.

January 19th is Poe's birthday. Every year we celebrate Poe's birth and death. Birth in January and death in October.

Yesterday, I used an old flyer and revised it to not only announce the birthday thing to the society as a reminder, but sent invitations to over 300 people.
Unfortunately, the flyer I used was an old one and announced Poe's funeral...so in essence, I invited over 300 people to Poe's funeral...on his birthday.

*face palm*

I was mortified. How could I have made such a mistake?! Me, mama raven...me! I have been working with Edgar since I was a child, and I know these dates! We do this every year.
Once I saw it, I screamed. "Holy shit!" and the mad rush to delete the event and all of the posts sent my anxiety into a tailspin. I was able to get everything removed...
after about 3 hours. It took me 3 fucking hours to see the mistake.

We used to honor Poe's birthday with the Black Flood...years ago. We used to do the funeral in October. When the Poe House did their funeral for Edgar, it kind of threw
our event into oblivion, and so we decided since the Black Flood was such a big deal, it should be reserved for the funeral instead. This way, we could celebrate the birthday
in a more laid back and comfortable way especially considering it comes on the heels of the Winter celebrations.
The Black Flood would be better in October, and add to the already large memorials that we're being organized by the major houses (Baltimore and Va.).

So, broke and already overwhelmed brain me sees the black flood flyer, reverts back to pre-2009, and posts the funeral flyer.
I know, but in my mind, I see Birthday, remember Flood is for funeral, completely *forget* what month I'm in, send the *amended* flyer with the date, and voila...
Ari is an instant dumbass. Well, that's how I felt at least.

So, today, I need to go explain to over 300 people why they received a funeral invite for our Patron's birthday...then of course, re-issue a proper birthday reminder
-just 6 days before the event.

It's my fault entirely. Here I am, with all of this other stuff running and reeling in my brain. I see that no active reminders have been sent out during these times
over the course of my hiatus -because everyone else has busy lives too, and feel as though it's my responsibility, and I'm in a place to just "jump back in".
So, with all of the post-winter festivities, everything else on my plate, and the huge amount of stuff going on with the astrology and the politics right now---I made big boo-boo.

I am sorry. It's my fault for waiting until the last minute and rushing.

I will make sure that I set these things up at least a month in advance from now on. I am also going to trash the old flyers and make brand new ones. My sincere apologies.

January 11, 2021
A note about in-person gatherings 5 pm

I have been pondering this Covid scenario in regard to in-person events,long and hard -and even though I want to gather with friends and associates and have a bit of
cabin fever myself, I am not willing to take that risk.

A lot of people are feeling fear of missing out or of getting left behind in projects and business; however, this is not me. I cannot of clear heart and conscious
take the risk of organizing any in-person event right now. I will not put at risk the health or lives of the humans and animals in my home and I won't take the risk
of passing any undiagnosed illness off to others, because the reality is "you never know".
A mask will most likely remain a permanent part of my personal attire.

I am trying to come up with alternatives to in-person events other then boring old zoom. I have a few ideas that I am currently pondering, but it will take a leap of
faith (or heavy doses of mad curiosity) from my associates if I decide to do this. (Stay tuned on that, because mama raven gots plans. muhaahaha!)

For now, what I do have is the Zero Point podcast which is does contain all of the past shows in an easy to use archive, the GothicGraffiti.com website where I do
have a literal shit ton of clothes and other esoteric stuff, and the information on the Ravynmoon.com community portal -with all kinds of spells, rituals, diy majik
and crafts and other things to ponder or experiment with.

If you like what I do and are finding my work of value, kindly share my posts, buy something from the shop or donate.
Add me as a friend on various social media that you like, and be sure to follow my pages and bookmark the Ravynmoon website. Be sure to visit Gothic Grafiti and
sign up for the newsletter-I assure you I won't bug the shit out of your inbox because I quite honestly just don't have the time to constantly post daiy mails...
weekly sounded good at first, but after much thought, monthly seems more appropriate, so if you want in on that, gothicgraffiti.com and then go to "join the coven"
and sign up for the newsletter.

The coven IS currently accepting applications. When you message me directly with an interest in joining the *formal* coven, you will be informed of the next action
to take, which is usually more messaging or video conferencing. There are no in-person gatherings at this time.

This is obviously a rough time for everyone. Be sure to keep yourself well fed, well rested and hydrated. Be sure to get some fresh air, even if it means just opening
a window right now. Stay as social as you can without putting yourself at risk. Catch up with old friends, make new ones and checkup on your "strong ones". Ok?
Support your friends small businesses and projects by interacting with their posts and letting them know they're appreciated.
Since right now, social media is almost exclusively how we are interacting with each other, the connection, appreciation and just popping in to check in or repost a
little thing they might have for sale, is not only well met it's absolutely needed.

Above all, take care you you first, because if you don't have you, nobody else will either.

If you'd like to support Ravynmoon, kindly consider the following:

Donations I currently accept:
Money, of course:
Money is appreciated for obvious reasons.

Building materials:
Building materials such as bricks, nails, wood, old windows and glass, etc. Email or PM me if you have items of this nature to donate.

Plants & Seeds:
I accept most plants and seeds.

Taking the time to share photos, links, etc of my projects you find of value is golden. Word of mouth is still the strongest marketing power.

Once I feel as though we as a society have nipped this virus in the bud, I will organize in-person events. Until then, stay in the loop with me while I try to
figure things out for the remainder of this mess. As stated, I have some pretty interestig ideas that will bring the majik (not to mention ghosts) to you...
if you're interested. ;)

Stay tuned.

Oh! P.S.!
If you dont currently have a printer, seriously consider getting one if you can afford it, because I have a LOT of stuff that you can download and print for free.
If you are a member of the Sinister Tea Sorority and/or the Hell's Librarians, you're really going to need access to a printer or a friend who will print for you or
place that you can have things printed because of all of the downloadable and printable content for scrapbooking, family tree stuff, and other items as they are made
available. The same will apply for those taking the Veshigi classes and are doing a lot of printing off of information.

As always, stay safe and be majik.

On Raven's Wings,
Arijah Ankh Khalid-Zyn

Apotropaic Majik and use of the color red 9 am

txt file here.

January 6, 2021
Moonstruck, Mists & Spice: 6:24 am

“That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die.” ~H.P.L.

I've been thinking and lighting candles. It's been a long time since I did (or felt the need to) do any kind of spellworking for myself.

These of things solid.
This of things now.
This from the past...mud, bones and vow.
This for the killing-the weathered and salt,
This for the willing-the freedom from fault.
Fire alight: warmed, burned and has guided,
Wickened, trickened -into form- multi-sided.
Mists that twisted, hidden, weaving through time-
Settle now softly in rhyme and align.
Footed assured, in both action and hour-
Dreams now awakened, from seed into flower.

I've been trusting in the work laid out from 2 decades ago, and feeling and seeing those works come to fruition has been not only challenging, but well met.
Right now, I'm in the think instead of the feels and it took a long time to get here.

A lot has happened. Many changes, much experience and many tears, but I let myself feel the pain so I could know it for what is was. I let myself..go into that dark night.

Throughout the years, I've often found myself not only meditating on our own creed and mantra:
-I am not a victim of circumstance. I am not prey. I am every one. I am no one. I am eternal- but on the litany against fear:
I must not fear.Fear is the mind-killer.Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear.I will permit it to pass over me and through me,
and when it has gone past, I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing, and only I will remain."

I had to go in. I had to go back. I had to understand...and then I was able to move forward.
It's not in the knowing the name of ones daemon that gives power; it's in the becoming of such that gives understanding of it.

Up until lately, I've been seeing and feeling one spell after another mix and merge with itself, like smoke rising, or beautiful colors mixing together when swirled
ever so gently in a beaker. Decades upon decades...starting with the little girl no more than 7. Wishing fuzz and birthday candles, screams at roadside and bedside and bargains
made at lakeside, bones buried, things formed, moonlights and rooftops and carousels at midnight and oooh...soooo many things.
The Dancing and swirling and spinning, for so long....until the dizzy of it all nearly threw me off entirely.

It was a dark and delicious ride.

So here it is..the shadows of spells long since cast, having woven their way like thick fog through city to forest and around my feet.
They have come to be, having done their work, and now the mist moves with me. I'm in the *think*.

So what of this *think*? Resurrection, it is in me thinking.
Re-building, pulling together that of the old, burying what no longer serves, mixing and mingling the parts that do. An alchemy?... or perhaps some madder science:
my very own modern Prometheus...LOL. It's alive!...muhahahaha!
Perhaps still, that Cthulhu stopped dreaming; afterall:
“Children will always be afraid of the dark, and men with minds sensitive to hereditary impulse will always tremble at the thought
of the hidden and fathomless worlds of strange life which may pulsate in the gulfs beyond the stars, or press hideously upon our own
globe in unholy dimensions which only the dead and the moonstruck can glimpse.”

January 4, 2021
Gremlins : 1:49 pm

Again with the gremlins. *sigh* If you downloaded the January moon calendar between late December and today...it was wrong.
For some reason *coughcoughgremlinscough*. I suspect that the moon layer on my moon phase .psd shifted -just as- I saved it, and of course since it looked perfect before I
saved it, I didn't double-check. This is what happens when you have cats and are in a hurry.
I'm sorry if you got the wrong calendar. I'll be sure to triple check it from now on.
The calendar has been update with the right info and you can find it here.
Again, my apologies.

"C *u* SS" : 7:12 am
As you can see, blog has a new look, but I'm still attempting to learn new codes to make it nicer for me to keep it organized. How much I am actually capable of
putting into practice at this point remains to be seen, but, I'm learning *something* nontheless.

I'm trying to learn how to write css.
Extra emphasis on the trying.

Just when I think I understand, things decide to go all cattywumpus and one thing doesn't work or another thing will simply just vanish.

When I first put the .php into the existing blog, *pOof* all of the old blogs disappeared. That's ok though; new year, new things...but the more I
worked with the css, the more I liked my way of doing things. When something isn't right, I know exactly where it is and can fix it.
I like the style in having everything tidy, and the reason I wanted to learn it was so my blog links take you to a nice little organized folder, and
everything was laid out in an easy and -quick- manner.
I realized that *quick* is exactly what I don't want.

"But, you don't want your pages to look like "1995", do you?"
Yeah, actually, I do.

People have it in their head that "new" and "revised" is always better. I understand the load factor, yeah yeah, I get it,
but I like to have a clean and easy to use page. I don't want to muddle through a lot of photos and big broad headers and all of that psychological
"lookie here" attention grabbing stuff. I mean, it's all good, and for folks who enjoy that, that's fine...but I like it my way.

Yes, the website looks lke it stepped out of 1995, but considering it actually *did* start around that time frame, I think it's not only very retro of it, but also
very keeping to it's roots.
You know me...I like roots. :)

So, the coding is all super interesting and some parts incredibly useful, but I think what a lot of coders don't understand is that this is literally learning a new language.
Some folks just "get it" right away or it comes naturally to them, and for others of us, it doesn't.
It doesn't mean that we're used to or like "quick and easy" because surely none of us would be there if what we wanted was quick and easy.
We're learning because we want to have more control over our content, but also have a more insight into new things. If you want "quick and easy", this is surely not
"the way", and it takes y e a r s to learn, just as it does any other language.

I'm working on it though.
I changed all of the navigation links on every single page to represent the folder that the original csm was in before I deleted it.
I deleted it because I broke the code and didn't make a backup.
So as you're wondering why the hell old html is in a php page in a nucleus folder, it's because I didn't feel like going and changing the links all over *again*.

"See Ari! That's why the code is helpful!" yep. I know.
*pours another cup of coffee and stares into the abyss that is the franken-folder*

January 3, 2021

After a rough morning of a cat breaking some valuables and my subsequent cleaning up what remained of my perfume, cat went into time-out
and I had time to reflect on what I need to do in order to better organize that back room to keep the cats from jumping up
onto our things to get into the window. On the up-side, the bathroom smells really nice.

After the clean-up, I decided to create a new a new journal for the shop.

I colorized this item from Pixabay, and then added a lot more of my own detail.
It's reminiscent of art nouveau, with all of the hints of stained glass and flowing detail. :)
I am absolutely in love with this journal.

You can purchase the journal on the shop here.

I liked it so much that I even made it into a poster.

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