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Note: Please read:
Please understand that many of these are majikal crafts. Although these crafts can be created for decorative purposes, the cost of each item reflects the lesson plans
provided inside. The lesson plans are "bite sized bits" of majiks that I teach regarding my Veshigi tradition of witchcraft.
I've made some of these crafting lessons available here so folks can "try on" a particular craft without committing to one of the subsciption classes.
Each item contains a full description of contents, with practioner level. If an item has been empowered, it will state that in the description as well.
Please take that information very seriously. As always, when in doubt, don't.
I try to teach in a way that is clean, clear and safe in an attempt to give folks an organic understanding of this tradition and the means to integrate them into their every day majikal lives.
It was suggested that I state "for entertainment purposes only" but I won't do that because they are not for that purpose. These lesson plans are spiritual tools for the teaching of
Veshigi tradition of withcraft, not toys. These crafts are not labeled as medicinal. Any perceived, application or practice of them as a medicinal aid or tool is done so only
by the choice or understanding of the practitioner. These items are not promoted as medicinal or supplemental to any traditional or accepted way, and should not be expected to be,
interpreted as or implied as such.
All items are for personal use only.
I attempt to keep open lines of communication, so if you have a question or concern, kindly drop me a note at arijahankhkhalid@gmail.com and I will get back with you as soon as I can; usually within 24 hours.

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Ornaments & Decorations

Patchwork Pentagram Kittie Papercraft Ornaments
Patchwork Pentagram Kittie Papercraft Ornaments
We witches don't have much of a selection when it comes to holiday ornaments, so these little kitties have pentagram bows. :)

*each kitty head measure approximately 3"
*cute kitty heads for your holiday or every day decorating!
*You can even use them as gift tags!
*Directions included.

Product Page

Victorian Moon Phases Ornament
Victorian Moon Phases Ornament-Banner
Product Page

Witchy-Poo Patchwork Ornament
Product Page


Fae Moon Printable Paper House
Fae Moon Paper House Front-Door Open
Product Page

Stuffed Anatomical Heart
Stuffed Anatomical Heart Project
A majikal papercraft project. Lesson plan and instructions included.
Finished item approximately 3" x 5".

Crafting level: Beginner.
Majikal level: Beginner/intermediate.
Type: Spell.
Effect: Flow. Connection. Remove energy blockages.
Warning level: None-Low
Product Page

Emily's Closet
Emilys Closet Promo 1
A majikal papercraft project. Lesson plan and instructions included.
Finished item approximately 6" x 2" x 3".
Crafting level: Intermediate.
Majikal level: Intermediate/Advanced.
Type: Conjuration.Paranormal
Effect: Paranormal/Ghost. Psychologically impactive. Environmentally sensitive.
Warning level: Medium-High.
*note! Please do not purchase if you are not of sound mind and body. The effects created by employing this craft/lesson plan can have results that may not be
suitable for some practitoners. If you have a question, message me. If you are currently under the supervision of a medical professional, kindly either discuss this craft with them before
activating or have them message me directly with the Subject heading: "Medical Professional Inquiry".

Product Page

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