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What is Divination?
"Divination is an act of scrying or "seeing" the people, places, things and events through the seer's own natural ability, or by the use of mirrors, crystals, cards, bones or other tools
as an aid to connect the seer to a vibration or energy pattern that formulates a feeling or picture in the mind. Once the feeling or picture is acknowledged, the seer attempts to translate
these experiences into descriptions. Sometimes, the visions come as metaphor because symbolism is the language of the unconscious mind. The seer acts as detective and translator in a landscape
of the unseen."
~Arijah Ankh Khalid-Zyn.

It isn't as creepy as many make it out to be. All animals have a heightened sense of awareness. When you spend time connecting to the environment, that awareness gets stronger.
Divination is an aspect of the natural ability of our inner animal self that senses subtle changes in the enviornment.
Those changes that are felt can be from any of our five senses, or from what some call a sixth sense. That sixth sense is a "gut" feeling.
It's natural and normal. It's just more prevalent and/or refined in some people.

Ravynmoon employs various forms of scrying devices, and are always very experimental. The "experimental" parts are something I reserve for classes.

I have a personal penchant for making spirit boards and oracle decks. I have a few published, and quite a few more that I'm working on.
The decks are published through our own publishing company, Wintermoon Publishing. Wintermoon also being the name of our home and our shoppe.

The spirit boards are created in our own very special way. Each one is unique and all are what we call "knocked in".
As part of the subscription courses, members will receive divination items throughout the year. Sometimes it may be a spirit board, sometimes an exclusive
deck of oracle cards, with full instructions.

We see because we connect. We connect because we understand. We understand therefore we manifest.

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