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Back in 90's, Ravynmoon presented a full herbal compendium that was widely accessed and appreciated.
It contained hundreds of herbs and plants, along with their histories, folklores and medicinal and majikal attributes.
It linked to our shoppe where each of those herbs could be easily purchased. Unfortunately, back then, I outsourced my herbs because I didn't know any better
Information about sustainability and ecological responsibilty wasn't as easily attainable or widely available as it is now.
Now I know better and to do otherwise then provide compassionate products would be criminal.

Plants are an essential part of our everyday lives, and we're an essential part of theirs. Our breaths and energies touch and overlap.

It's more than unfortunate that so many people still take plants for granted; it's tragic.
We are all connected, every breath, every bite, every stitch, every mile and unfortunately as we take ourselves for granted and sell each other short, the trickle up and down is catastrophic.

Although much of that information is relevant, how much of it is personally applicable? After all, every plant has a particular set of qualities, be it the toxicology, or the medicinal,
or the effects on other plants, based on not only what it does, but what it does in it's native environment.

The quality of a plant depends on more than it being grown organically; it depends on the weather that year, it's location, what else was going on around it, stresses, and the energy
and conditions of the people growing and harvesting it.
Will an old Irish remedy help you? Well, that depends on a lot of factors as well, like your genetics, your lifestlye and other medications you may be taking. If you grow an old world plant
in a container or in your garden, will it be the same plant with the same effects it had 200 years ago? Can you trust the information in an old tome or plastered on a website
to be valid? No. Not all of the time.

Majikal correspondences are personal and specific. Plants are of many various species of the same plant and that matters. We as human beings have a lot of different things going on
and that matters. The environment where you were born and spent most of your developmental time matters.
The plants you work with and the information you receive matters.

We are all nature. We are the children of Earth, and as corny and cliche as that might sound, it is because of this that you matter to me.
I matter, the ancestors matter, and every plant and every life that was born here, lived and died here is intricately connected by blood, vine and leaf.
Our roots dig down into the past, into the ground and into the remains.

Those remains are commonly referred to as nutrients; the dead sustaining the present.

The next time you have a headache and reach for an aspirin, know it is Willow Salix. The salicylic acid in the tree is a component in aspirin.
The next time you fuel up your car remember that the oil is the blood of your ancestors. Maybe make your travelling to and froma bit more...sacred?
The next time you buy anything at all, read the label and know it for what it is.
This is connection. This is understanding. This is the root and core of our majik, and if you don't see it, respect it and feel the absolute awe in everything that surrounds you,
then no $3 rose quartz dug up by overworked and underpaid slaves in a toxic mine stripped landscape or over harvested bits of dragons blood resin is going to assist you.

Get it?

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