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The Sinister Tea Sorority was originally "The Quill": an 80's and 90's band of merry troublemakers that fell off the coattails of The Gothic Poets Society.
They stalked the dark and shadowy places of Fell's Point and surrounding areas spreading "joy", "black feathers" and spewing Poen prose to any that had ears.
Goth "square" hippies they were, partaking in the deliciousness of the Baltimore nights; be it VtM, tales and amusements down by the old broken pier, dancing at old Orpheus,
visiting Poe's grave, or all Sticky Fingered in search of new Docs.
They had a little nichey thing called "The Black Flood" that lives on to this day through the Gothic Poets Society, which celebrates Edgar by "flooding" any
particular place or space of choice with Poe's work.

S.T.S. absorbed the Quill, and it became more of a book club. Where TGPS is for Gothic literature and poetry, S.T.S. is for more informal gatherings, book readings, and as
always is the case...tea and shenanigans.

More recently, a personal project of Ari's: Hell's Librarians, took a seat at the table. S.T.S. and the Hell's Librarians have now merged.
Hell's Librarians do all of the history stuff. S.T.S. brings the entertainment. Together, it is pretty much a gathering of folks who love literature, history and have
taken the oath to preserve it while having a good time doing it.

What S.T.S. is, is book nerds and collectors, gamers and poets, artists, crafters and musicians who like to get together in fancy clothes and fuck off for a few hours once a month.

If you enjoy fucking off with tea and good company to chat about nerdy delights, games and other random this or that along the Gothic and witchy vein, kindly join at
The Sinister Tea Sorority. We just got the network back up and running, so bear with us as we attempt to
strangle *ahem* I mean wrangle up old friends, like minds and other sorted and pleasing comraderie.

Pandemic has us all like wtf, so stay tuned for party planning information and how to host your own. We work closely with The Gothic Poets Society, so if that's your thing,
consider joining the group over on Goodreads.