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Zero Point podcast was a witchy podcast I produced in Autumn of 2020, to give those -of- or -interested in- the Veshigi tradition
a more in-depth explanation with personal perspectives. It is intended for mature audiences only as it contains graphic subject matter.
Each episode runs approximately 30-60 minutes and are in Mp3 format.

***Please be advised: I am not a medical professional. The opinions and experiences expressed in this podcast are my own.

These podcasts are downloadable for personal use only.

Episode Archive
Zero Point Podcast-E1-Introduction
Zero Point Podcast-E2-Heart Words
Zero Point Podcast-E3-Wards & Wyrd
Zero Point Podcast-E4-Naming and Servitors
Zero Point Podcast-E5-Books of Shadows
Zero Point Podcast-E6-Calendars & Holidays
Zero Point Podcast-E7-Familiars
Zero Point Podcast-E8-Moon Cycles
Zero Point Podcast-E9-Majikal Spaces Part 1
Zero Point Podcast-E10-Majikal Spaces Part 2
Zero Point Podcast-E11-Callings & Castings.mp3

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