This is my book.
It is a work in many chapters and part of a set of many volumes.

This website is the spiritual expression of one witch, who has seen a thing or two.
It is the compilation of many years of trial and error, joy and pain, experience and exasperation.
It is blood and bones. It is me.

I have a purpose to share my words, visions, experiences and tradition with those who may find themselves
kin in the words and of like spirit in the essence.

Connection, education, understanding and perseverence is at the root of what Ravynmoon is.
We provide food for thought, imaginative and compassionate products and
an organic approach to assist you in integrating enchantment into your life.

The education provided here are information and glimpses into the Veshigi tradition of Appalachian Hexerei.

Our tradition is a path of alchemy. It is practical in effect, yet odd in application.
It's for those seeking deeper connection to their environment in a non-deistic, darkly faerytale, enchanted forest, manifestative way.
During this time of transition, many are seeking back an old way, or a connection between themselves and the natural world;
One that is wildly grown, playfully sewn, deeply personal, absolute and unwatered-down.

The Hexerei is an old Scandanavian path that connects to Northern Germany.
This tradition aligns with the travelers and gypsies of our own rites and lineage.
With the lore of the old world, the raven as your host and the hex sign as your guide,
we will take you on a journey within yourself.
We will teach you how to connect to the old ones, reconnect with the past,
and how to harness the most powerful essence of all that is: YOU.

Are you ready to enter the enchanted forest?


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