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Dance with the Dead radio first aired on New Years Eve, 2012. When the new regulations for internet radio went into effect a year later, it went into the void,
until we could figure out what to do. It was resurrected in the Autumn of 2021. Right now, the station is hosting the 24/7 Gothic/Industrial music playlist,
and regular shows such as "Ravynmoon's HEX" and "Wake the Dead" among others should be making a comeback as well. (no promises on which ones or how often).

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Shows & Programming

Hex video intro

Ravynmoon's HEX is a podcast started in 2020, aimed to be an addition to the HEX paranormal webshow and Ravynmoon's Hex majizine.
The pandemic and subsequent lockdown that began in 2019, forced us to alter our intended program by knocking out the webshow (albeit for a few product
announcements and tutorials Ari did for the store), and then turned our focus inward by becoming a non-scripted and non-censored discussion between
Ari aka D.J. Ms. Anthropy and Jason aka D.J. Gamaliel.
The show is due to re-air in the Winter of 2021-2022 on Dance with the Dead radio,
but for now, we have this sample (*snickers*) from a show we did on November 29, 2020.
Please bear in mind that this podcast is NEVER safe for work NSFW/18+.

runtime: 57:23

...and we do this kind of shit:

Wake the Dead was a morning show hosted by D.J. Ms. Anthropy, that originally ran daily from 6 am until 8am, but because most of our listeners were not
awake at that hour, the time shifted from the morning drive to lunch. It featured horrorpunk, first and second wave punk rock and 80 's rock.
It is sincerely missed, but may be resurrected. Only time (and Ari's sanity) will tell.

Zero Point podcast was a witchy podcast I produced in Autumn of 2020, to give those -of- or -interested in- the Veshigi tradition
a more in-depth explanation with personal perspectives. Each episode ran for approximately 1 hour. All episodes are in Mp3 format.

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