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I've been known by many names: Ravyn, Mama Raven, Arijah Ankh Khalid-Zyn, Danae Bran Leac,
Thana Ravynmoon and of course, my birth name, Vickie Greenfield.

This is my book.
It is a work in many chapters and part of a set of many volumes.

This website is the spiritual expression of one witch, who has seen a thing or two.
It is the compilation of many years of trial and error, joy and pain, experience and exasperation.
It is blood and bones. It is me.

Ravynmoon is the online presence that allows me the stage in which to share my words, visions, experiences
and tradition with those who may find themselves kin in the words and of like spirit in the essence.

Connection, education, understanding and perseverence is at the root of what I do,
allowing me to provide food for thought, and imaginative and compassionate products.

Since 1986, Ravynmoon has been a coven owned and operated witchcraft information portal,
offering many resources, classes, and other media as well as a selection of unique handmade goods
to assist you in integrating enchantment into your life.

What you will find here is:

The shoppe, where you will find my art available to purchase as posters and on other items, as well as my oracle decks, classes, and books I have written.
Books will be released through various portals. I have a bit of a backlog right now.
Many created and printed items, like pillows, clothing and home goods, are available.
These items will also be available at Wintermoon as soon as it built.
Until then, you can enjoy an idealized virtual version of the Village of Wintermoon, in Second Life, by going to this link:

Hexenriit: my online book of shadows, which is pretty hefty. It includes events, calendars, spells and other witchy stuff.
My work can get pretty weird and fairly dark from time to time, so tread carefully, by mindful and act kindly.

The Dailies: My monthly oracle forecast. I update the first of every month.
I used to do the daily readings, but it's just too much, so I switched to monthly.
You can also catch my readings on the Wake the Dead morning show on Dance with the Dead Radio, and possibly see some integration into other podcast venues.

Dance with the Dead Radio: Our own personal radio station featuring 24 hour non-stop Goth/Industrial/Metal/Witchy & Weird playlist.
On Sunday mornings at 10am central, we host the Ravynmoon's HEX podcast, and you can hear me DJ as Ms. Anthropy every weekday morning
on "Wake the Dead", from 8am to 10 am central.

My blog: "Deliciously Motivated", which explores my thoughts and deeper explorations into my majikal work.
I update whenever I feel like it and those blogs are avaialble to read as a downloadble file, to listen to as an mp3 or to
listen/watch over at YouTube. I don't update YouTube constantly, but there is some content there and does appear from time to time.

☆ My music projects Zyn & Project Archangel, where you can download my weird-ass experimental and ritual music for free.

The Eternal Beloved: A paranormal exploration project started by my partner Mizdimma and myself back in 2006.
Here youi'll find photos, mad ghostly science, videos and evp's, as well as other infos that may be of interest or necessity.
You may find that it is still in a bit of an "under construction" process because there are a lot of files that have to be harvested from old cds.
It's a rather tedious process.

The Gothic Poets Society. A group of Gothic-lit junkies that have been reading and writing the dark and ghastly wyrd since 1984.
You can join over on Goodreads.

Activism. My version/definitions of activism and how I apply it in my every day life.

☆ The Ravynmoon Discord portal, where you will find others of like mind and practice.

What I offer is real majik.
It is not simple or generic and comes from the benefit of my own experiences, skills and creativity.
It is raw, powerful and like none other.
I say this confidently because it is a tradition of my own design and have taught for almost 40 years.

The education I provide here is information and glimpses into the Veshigi tradition of Appalachian Hexerei.

The tradition is a path of alchemy. It is practical in effect, yet odd in application.
It's for those seeking deeper connection to their environment in a non-deistic,
dark faerytale, enchanted forest, manifestative way.
During this time of transition, many are seeking back an old way, or a connection between themselves and the natural world;
One that is wildly grown, playfully sewn, deeply personal, absolute and unwatered-down.

The Hexerei is an old Scandanavian path that connects to Northern Germany.
The Veshigi tradition is a living tradition which aligns with the travelers and gypsies of our own rites and lineage.
It is not mainstream, or any version of faith. It is not Wicca and it is not Pagan.
It is an atheistic spirituality that is uniquely in and of itself,
requiring no deity...just your own kindred wild heart and connected spirit.
Real majik comes from real connections. It's hands on - heart in.

With the lore of the old world, the raven as your host and the hex sign as your guide,
I will take you on a journey within yourself.
My classes and workshops will teach you how to connect to the old ones, reconnect with the past,
and how to harness the most powerful essence of all that is: YOU.

It is within this framework in which I operate, support, and inspire others; offering a soft place to land.
Welcome Home

Navigation is at the top of every page.
The best place to start is in Hexenriit, our online book of shadows.
There you will find more information on our brand of witchcraft, along with some complimentary spells and pathworkings
to get you started. Classes and workshops, as well as other baubles and trinkets are for sale in the shoppe.
We also have a Discord set up where you can network with others, and stay in the loop of events and other discussions.
You can also subscribe to receive emails from me whenever I add something new.

Kindly take a look at the legal stuff page to familiarize yourself with my terms and conditions,
and as always, if you need me, kindly message mamaraven@ravynmoon.com,
or drop me a message in our online community.
If you'd like to know more about me and my art, kindly click this link.

Thanks again for your continued interest and support of the Ravynmoon community.

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