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The best way to stay up to date with new stuff is to subscribe to receive occssional emails from me. :)
I'll let you know whenever I create a new addition to the Book of Shadows, or if there's a new blog I feel may be of interest, or some kind of new news, event, product, class, or service.

I will only collect your email address and add it to my "Ravynmoon Email Contacts" list, which only I (and mailchimp, because they gave me the form) will have.
I won't give anyone else your infos and promise only to send stuff I personally create (links to my new blogs, products, etc.) as I explained.

My time is as valuable as yours, so be sure that I won't bog down your email with a bunch of junk and offers because, well, I don't have a bunch of junk or offers. LOL
I just wanted to add a little option here for folks to subscribe to get emails because if you're anything like me, life is super busy and you don't always have the time
(or forget), to check a website consistently so you don't miss out on something you might be interested in. This way, when I post new, you get notified.
Of course, you can always unsubscribe if you feel like it's not worth your while.

P.S. you won't receive a welcome note when you subscribe because mailchimp wants me to pay for that option, and I don't think it's of value right now.

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