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Oracle readings are released every week on Sunday. Below you will find the audio version, as well as an accompanying text version.
You can also subscribe to my readings via Youtube by clicking HERE.

At the end of the year, all posts will be archived.

Weekly Forecast
4/11-4/17 2022: Stay Witchy


3/14-3/20 2022: Dune, Runes & Raven Moons / Audio / Vlog
3/7-3/13 2022: The Dark Carnival / Audio / Vlog
2/28-3/6 2022: Deaths-Head Moths, Riot Girls & Missing Socks / Audio / Vlog
2/21-2/27 2022: Guardians at the Gates of the Underworld mp3 / Text / Vlog
2/14-2/20 2022: AWAY
2/7-2/13 2022: Alien World-Artifacts, Flares & Personal Wares / Text
1/31-2/6 2022: Self Care is Self Preservation / Text

1/24-1/30 2022: Consciousness Shift
1/17-1/23 2022: Toll Takers-The Remix
1/10/-1/16 2022: Haunted Attics, Candlelit Mirrors, Full Moons and Majikal Potions
1/3/-1/9 2022: Bipolar Bunnies, Scales and Spilled Potions
1/1/22-The New Year forecast: Broom, Raven & The World Upside Down

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