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Spiritual Atheism and How Its Translated Within the Veshigi Tradition of Appalachian Hexerei
by Arijah Ankh Khalid-Zyn

As spiritual atheists, we do not believe in a god as most understand it; Instead, we believe in a unified consciousness
that cannot be represented as a physical entity.

We believe that there is a multi-verse, instead of a universe, made of many worlds and dimensions that are all connected
and governed by strands of thoughts and actions. This connection is conscious energy and is believed in, felt, and experienced
individually through our own connections to ourselves with all that we experience, and connects everyone and everything that
ever was, is, or may ever be.

The Veshigi tradition does not promote an idea of karmic law or justice.
We believe that justified actions have psychogenic responses and that any perceived judgment comes from within the psyche,
and not from any outside forces of nature.

We do not believe in death as most people do, but in a consciousness shifting between dimensions. What our loved ones experience
as our death, we do not experience. We do not believe that time is linear, but instead, a tesseract of consciousness, conceived by
thoughts and feelings and perceived as time. Because of this, we see ourselves as eternal and immortal.
This is a deep philosophy within our tradition.

We cannot speak for every person who considers themself to be a spiritual atheist, as the overall concept is that as an atheist,
we do not believe in a supreme being. The spiritual aspects of such are personal, and cannot be defined or spoken for directly.

We find religion, in general, to be restrictive and incapable of honoring life on life's terms, and trends towards a more
nihilistic, elitist, and fatalistic mindset that refuses to liberate the human psyche from the shackles of servitude and demand
and keeps its followers in a state of perpetual fear.

We are born witches, not people who are lifestyling, or perpetrating, emulating, or pretending to be a witch.
We identify ourselves as witches because they are the only creatures throughout storytellling, that have similar abilites
as we do. Yes, we cast spells and curses, but those are actions and responses that are taken to create, change and protect ourselves.

The Veshigi tradition views deities as thought-forms and egregores, created voluntarily and involuntarily by humans.
We believe that humans have instilled in their deities their own sense of intelligence and cultural correspondences
that although are not worshipped, can be worked with.
We are not Satanists. Satanism is a religion, and we don't do that. This is not said as a protective mechanism to make anyone
feel better or to make ourselves more acceptable to societal "norms". We beleive that working with the entity known as Satan,
is just as valid as working with any other entity.

Where ghosts and demons are concerned, we believe that the words are a catch-all terms that seek to explain various entities
and "para" normal experiences within our world. This is explained in more detail to seekers and initiates of the Veshigi tradition.

This tradition is specific to the Ravynmoon coven and has been the basis of its teachings since 1986.
We are an independant and self-sustaining community, founded upon spiritual and ecological principles and consider
our practices to fall under the category of fringe science.

Within our creed are many secrets specific to our majik and tradition:
"We are not victims of circumstance. We are not prey. We are every one. We are no one. We are eternal."

A structured learning course is currently being devised as a better way to guide those who are seeking to learn our tradition.
I have a lot of information, but putting it all into a comprehensive and coherent step-by-step has been a bit of a challenge.
It is coming. Thank you for your patience. Again, if you feel the need to contact me, send me an email at mamaraven@ravynmoon.com

“We are all connected; To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. And to the rest of the universe, atomically.” ~Neil deGrasse Tyson

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